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The adventures and exploits of a legendary front-line soldier named Rock and his Easy Company troop are being adapted to the silver screen.


This into comes from the Original Screenplay by David Webb Peoples, based on the comic book character by Bob Kanigher

The soldiers move ominously from house to house while a nazi officer, speaking in crude Italian, questions a peasant woman in her doorway, her children clinging in terror to her skirts, their eyes on the towering nazi, whose face is lost in shadows...

Americans? Where?

No, no. Not here.

Where? How far? How many kilometers?

The children cringe in horror as the nazi officer grabs the woman roughly by the arm, shaking her.

I don't know!
(pointing south)
That way I think. Five kilometers maybe.

You're lying, you wop whore, I don't believe you!

A VOICE (in German)
Excuse me, sir.

The Nazi officer turns to see a hulking nazi corporal approaching him from the shadows, his face lost in the gloom.

NAZI OFFICER (in German)
What is it, Corporal? You're supposed to be watching the perimeter...

CORPORAL (in German)
A message, sir. By courier... from the Fuhrer himself

NAZI OFFICER (in German)
What? What are you talking about?

The corporal moves closer, his face still shadowed, his voice apologetic as the officer glares suspiciously...

CORPORAL (in German)
The Fuhrer says there's been a mistake, we're not the master race! He says we're a bunch of perverted fools.

As the nazie officer stares in flabbergasted disbelief, the corporal embraces him fiercely, yanking a nine inch knife blade upward from the nazi officer's gut, ripping him open, spattering blood on the astonished peasant woman and her children.

As the nazi officer slumps to the ground, the big nazi corporal turns on the dumbfounded peasant woman and shoves her and her children inside the house. His word are English this time...

Inside! Presto! Hurry, inside!

As he turns his attention back to the street, we glimpse the corporal's face for the first time... unshaven, scarred, tough and battle worn... the face of war! This is Sergeant Rock, a thirty year old American soldier of German descent disguised for the moment as a German Corporal.

Twenty yards away, in the street, two nazi soldiers are just noticing the shadowy body of the officer slumped on the cobbles in front of the darkened doorway...

Rock opens up with an automatic weapon, a grease gun.



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Based upon the Michael Crichton novel "Westworld"


"Westworld" is the direct precursor to "Jurassic Park" as the story of a technological amusement park gone out of control, with tourists becoming victims. For $1,000 a day, patrons can visit high-tech recreations of historically based mythical settings controlled by lifelike animatronics and synthetic environments: a Roman world that recreates tales of ancient Rome; a medieval world that recreates the legends of the Middle Ages; and Westworld, which recreates the myth of the classic Western.

Two Chicago businessmen, Martin and Blane, spend their vacation in Westworld, where they live out their fantasies of the Old West mythology: chaotic barroom brawls, random love with beautiful prostitutes, and a violent jailbreak during which they shoot the local sheriff. But the complex technology that supports these fabricated worlds develops complicated syndromes faster than the scientists behind the scenes can resolve them. Soon the entire resort breaks down into chaos, and the animatronics turn hostile on the visiting tourists.


On November 21, 1973 "Westworld" was released in America after being filmed in California. The film features a wonderfully surprising turn by Yul Brynner, one of the stars of the classic Western "The Magnificent Seven". The movie has been written and directed by Michael Crichton, who's also responsible for books such as "Jurassic Park" and "Twister".




During the Second World War, an American bomber pilot and his crew are shot down from the sky and captured by the Germans. As orders are sent to execute the pilot and 9,000 other POW, the German officer in charge, Schwarzenegger, refuses to carry them out.

When we last heard from Randall Wallace's camp on November 16th, 2001, the status of the Schwarzenegger WW2 drama "With Wings As Eagles" was made to sound like it would become history itself. Now, new promising word has been delivered to The ARNOLD FANs.

"Randall Wallace's camp now says Randy plans to do "With Wings As Eagles" someday and he also considers it one of the best scripts he's written. He's holding on to it tight."

With Wings As Eagles, written by Randall Wallace, is based on the true life story about a German officer who does not agree with his surrounding Nazi party and instead helps the American POWs escape. What a hero!


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This tale of high adventure is set in the Hyborian Age (c. 10,000 B.C.). The Cimmerian barbarian Conan, after siring a love child with some The Daughter of the Snows, serves as a warrior in the forces of the Aquilonian army under the command of a tribune named Gaius Metallus. Conan needs to bring back "the jewels of an Empire" to The Daughter of the Snows if he ever wants to see his new son.

After serving in the Aquilonian army for some time (and winning the respect of Metallus), Conan returns to The Daughter of the Snows, hands over to her the aforementioned jewels, and promptly leaves with his young son whom he names Kon.

Now a single dad, Conan takes young Kon under his wing as he continues to fight for the "civilized" Aquilonians. Metallus soon offers Conan (on behalf of the Emperor) a deal too good to be true. Conan is named the king of Zingara; in return, the Emperor keeps his son. Kon will be educated in the ways of warfare, philosophy, and "civilization." Conan agrees; father and son remain separated for over a decade.

During that time, King Conan grows paunchy and bored. He forgets what it means to be a man and a barbarian warlord. Meanwhile, Kon attends the imperial warrior academy where the Emperor's young son, Fortunas, becomes the bane of his existence. Since Fortunas is untouchable, Kon keeps quiet and learns how to take a beating. He grows meaner and tougher over time. Years later, Conan gets himself into trouble with the Aquilonians. He's made peace with Orlock Mac Morn and the Picts. This bold move was a big mistake in the eyes of the new Emperor... Fortunas.

Fortunas visits Conan, bringing with him some of his finest troops including Kon, now a grown man. When assassination attempts against Conan fail, Fortunas decides to settle his hash the old fashioned way: army to army. Now on the run, Conan forms his own army of warriors ("citizen soldiers" if you will) with Kon by his side and his new allies the Picts in tow. Conan and his troops square off against Fortunas and his best soldiers to determine who will rule Zingara.


Now that the secret is out, Helen and Harry Tasker are working together as the nation's finest secret agents.

Apparently there is some biochemist character that has invented some deadly biological weapon and there seems to be some terrorists that want to claim it. Harry and Helen have to stop it while saving their daughter who gets involved in her own troubles.

A terrorist group blows two entrances of a train tunnel and begin flooding it while the Taskers are inside attempting to save the world. To make a long story short, they completely botch the job and lose the Dr and possibly have doomed the world.

A Chinese Communist group is out to obtain the Dršs work and hold the world in terror.

United States
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James Cameron

Writing credits
Jeff Eastin

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Harry Tasker)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Helen Tasker)
Tom Arnold (Albert Gibson)
Eliza Dushku (Dana Tasker)

Executive Produced by

Produced by

Production Companies
Lightstorm Entertainment (James Cameron's company)

20th Century Fox

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Based on a novel by Jim Cohen, "Ump" is the story of a hitman who is called the Ump because he adheres to a strict set of rules. After eliminating two-thirds of a triplet mob boss team, the Ump hides out in a local town in New Jersey. The town folk embrace his no-nonsense ways, and the hit-man winds up cleaning up the troubled town while he waits for the chance to finish off the third and worst gang leader.


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