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Entertainment history was made when Universal Studios Floridas new Terminator 2 3-D mega attraction featuring international superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original T2 cast was unveiled to offer guests an incredible new way to ride the movies.

Production of the $60 million "virtual-adventure" experience the most elaborate and technologically advanced entertainment experience to be created for the Orlando studio attraction marks the first time that the cast and creative team from a box office blockbuster have reunited to bring a motion picture concept to life.

The 12 minute-long film is, frame for frame, the most expensive live action film ever produced.

An all new Terminator adventure, Terminator 2 3-D is based on the blockbuster motion picture Terminator 2 and features footage filmed specifically for the attraction during an exhaustive complex location shoot at a deserted steel mill in the remote Mojave desert town of Desert Center, California. Joining Schwarzenegger on the Terminator 2 3-D set are original cast members Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and Robert Patrick. Cameron is joined by acclaimed Academy Award-winning special effects wizards Stan Winston (T2 and Jurassic Pari) and John Bruno (The Abyss) in directing the new film which boasts a new dimension in special effects artistry.

Set in the years 1996 and 2029, Terminator 2 3-D takes the audience time-traveling into the future through an extraordinarily seamless mix of state-of-the-art technologies. Cyberdyne Systems, the sinister company that created the Terminator cyborgs, has moved its "corporate headquarters" to Universal Studios Floridas Hollywood Boulevard street set in 1996 and is determined to showcase its advanced technologies to the world.

After entering the dark, foreboding futuristic world of the blockbuster Terminator films, guests interact with live action stunt doubles who combine with menacing robotic cyborgs to blur the reality between what is jumping off the three immense screens in 3-D and what is live inside the theater.

The presentation marks the first time interlocking three-dimensional images are projected onto multiple screens. Three 23-foot high by 50-foot wide screens help create T2 3-Ds massive, peripheral sensory experience. It is also the first time ever combination of three-dimensional cinematography and digital composite computer graphics with explosive stunt work.

The electrifying nature of Terminator 2 3-Ds stunts is typified by a sequence that features a 1,500-pound Harley "Fat Boy," driven by Schwarzenegger in the film, exploding off the screen and roaring onto the theaters stage. Schwarzenegger commented on the effects-laden production: "The topography of motion pictures continues to change at the speed of light, becoming more and more interactive with audiences."

The Austrian-born superstar concluded: "What we have created with Terminator 2 3-D is the quintessential sight and sound experience for the 21st century. Remember, I always said Id be back."

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Out of all 3 Terminator sagas created by James Cameron, (T2 3D being the 3rd). Terminator 2 3D would defiantly be my overall favorite. It is truly a spectacular show, and what made me a Terminator Fan to begin with. This Music Video I made, only shows a small portion of this attraction at the Universal Studios Theme Park. But it is worth the download as well as worth the trip to the Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida or California. Enjoy this exclusive Music Video, Battle Across Time. Music by Econoline Crush, 'SureFire'.

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