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King Conan: Crown of Iron (200?)

Plot:  An aging Conan, now King, must defend his land from an invading enemy.


29 January, 2002

The site TheArnoldFan got the chance to ask the big guy about the status of this film. The answer was pretty interesting. "I just saw [writer John] Milius yesterday," said Schwarzenegger. "We did lunch and a stogie. Youre talking about Conan right? Yeah, hes rewriting it as we speak... because it was a one hundred and sixty-eight page script. One of the brothers called - the Wachowski bothers, Ah, thats right, I knew it was a Polish name. The Wachowski brothers called and said he should reduce the script because it would be a three and a half hour movie and we should cut it down to a hundred and twenty pages, and take certain things out and thats what hes doing right now. Because as you know, with John, things take time. Hes not the quickest guy in town. He smokes a stogie and then he writes a page and then he smokes another stogie"

12 October, 2001

Stax got a hold of John Milius' script for a third Conan film. Here's an excerpt:

Did I enjoy this blood-and-guts adventure epic? For the most part, yes, although I'll admit that this "guy flick" embraces some of the worst aspects of man's nature. (I'm curious if Milius' subsequent drafts have pared things down at all.) That's the simplistic beauty of Conan, though, and this script makes no pretense about being anything other than the sword-wielding, ultra-macho valentine to barbarism that it is. If that's your bag, baby, then King Conan will surely outdo Gladiator in the blood-soaked battle department. If these types of films aren't your cup of tea then you may wonder why anyone on God's Earth (or in this case Crom's) would enjoy such a primeval gore-fest. In other words, King Conan is pretty much just for hard-core Conan fans. One of the biggest questions facing the filmmakers should be whether the number of those fans are enough to warrant making a film of such epic (i.e., expensive) scale.

You can read the entire review here.

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14 October, 2000

It's true, Conan the Barbarian is coming back to the big screen. Warner Bros. has anted up $2.5 million to buy the movie rights to the character from Stan Lee Media. John Milius, the writer/director of the original Conan movie, has been hired by the studio to write and direct this one. Helping Milius out with the writing duties will be Larry and Andy Wachowski, the guys behind The Matrix. The Wachowski's might also serve as second unit directors on the project.

Just what direction the new movie will take is unknown. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Conan in the first two movies, might have a role in the movie but not as the legendary warrior. There is no time table at this point for the beginning of production.

Thanks to AP News.

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12 October, 2000

Could the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix) being looking at a remake of Conan the Barbarian as their next project? Rumors abound that that they might be interested in just such a project after finishing work on the two sequels to The Matrix.

Everything would seem to point toward such a project for the brothers. Conan the Barbarian was a popular comic book series for many years and these two are big fans. Furthermore, Stan Lee Media has just acquired the movie rights to the Conan characters. The brothers are well known fans of Lee and would likely love to work with him.

If it did happen the big question would be who should play Conan. In the original movie and its sequel, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the warrior. Would he have any interest in revisiting that role so much later in life? If not, who might step into the role? Rumors circulated months ago that professional wrestler The Rock was being considered for just that role.

Thanks to The Matrix Online for the tip.

18 May, 2000

Don't get excited. Arnold isn't about to strap on his sword and loincloth for another tale of Conan. That doesn't mean a third movie is out of the question though. The group that owns the sequel rights are not movie folks, leading to the long layoff for the series. Apparently producers Irving Azoff, Jon Jashni and Rick Alexander have convinced them to make another movie.

So who would play the legendary warrior? How about pro-wrestler The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)? Already committed to a sequel of The Mummy, Johnson is apparently the the favorite for the role. If he gets it his regular boss, WWF lord Vince McMahon will get a producers credit.

Thanks to 'Terry' and USA Today.

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