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Hi Arnold,

I was just wondering would you ever have your wife star in a movie with you?

Love your #1 fan, Brittany!

Dear Brittany,

Thanks for being my number one fan. I would love it if Maria wanted to star in a movie with me.

The thing is, though, she has never wanted to do it. She is so busy she would not have the time to do it and would not want to be on location or away from the kids. She is a talented journalist and author, as well as a very dedicated full-time mother and fantastic wife. And, trust me on this; Maria knows what she wants. If she wanted to be in a movie with me, she would have been in one already!

Thanks for your question,

Dear Arnold,

Let me first say that I love all your movies! I think you are perhaps the greatest actor of our time. I was wondering if you were/are a fan of another hero of mine, Bruce Lee?


Dear Virgil,

Greatest actor of our time, eh? I like that. Thank you.

Yes, I am a fan of Bruce Lee. He was a fantastic athlete with real talent. I tell you something; I admire anyone who can take such natural talent, focus on his craft and be so totally dedicated and determined to reach his goals and become the best in his field. He had incredible professionalism, will and determination and brought so much not just to every movie he worked, but the category of action films in as well. It is unfortunate that he left us so early in his life. I would have liked to work with him.

Thanks for your question,

Dear Arnold,

I am an 8-year-old boy who loves all of your movies that I have been lucky enough and ''big'' enough to watch! My brother and I think you are the coolest and my brother and I eat all our dinner as my mummy tells us that ''Arnie'' would eat it! She tells us if we want to get big and strong like ''Arnie'' that we need to eat it all. My brother eats all his dinner then declares that he is big like ''Arnie Schwarzmegga Halbert'' - do you think this is the way to become a big true blue action hero?

Love your biggest Aussie fans,
Thomas and Emerson Halbert.

Dear Thomas and Emerson,

Yes, it is. Listen to what your mommy and daddy tell you. It sounds to me like they love you very much and they put good food on the table. You can show them how much you respect them by honoring them and their wishes.

Another way to be a "true blue action hero" in your parents' eyes is to tell them that you love them as often as possible. I play a Terminator in the movies, but nothing makes me feel more human than when one of my kids tells me he or she loves me. It makes everything in my life feel wonderful and worthwhile. If you tell your parents you love them, they will feel the same way.

Trust me.
Arnold "Schwarzmegga"

Hey Arnold,

You are the greatest actor and the funniest guy I've ever seen and I can't wait to see Terminator 3, but my question is what do you do when you're not at work?

Luke Currie

Dear Luke,

I have been pretty busy these days, so when I am not on the set, I am usually either spending time with my family, working out at the gym, campaigning for Prop 49- to make sure kids in California have after school programs - or I am asleep in my bed.

For the last few weeks, when there's downtime on the T3 set, I like to get in a quick game of chess with some of the guys on the crew.

Good question,

Dear Arnold,

About how much fan mail do you receive a week and do you have time to respond to every one of them?

Love, Amanda

Dear Amanda,

This question is tough to answer without sounding like I am bragging or complaining, (which I'm not), but I do get a lot of fan mail. So much that it would truly be too much for me or any one person have the time to respond to the thousands of e-mails, letters, packages I get. The office staff and I try to get to all of it - but it is not always easy. And people often ask me to visit, which I would love to do if I could clone myself like in The 6th Day where there could be hundreds of Arnold's!! Since there is only one of me - and I am often working on a movie set, spending important time with my family or working on my philanthropic efforts and after school programs, my office staff or my Web site guys usually answer the more common questions that they have answers for, like "How tall are you?" or, "Where were you born?" for me. They save the good ones, (like your question) for me to answer.

I really am honored that people want to take the time to write to me. It's really very flattering.

Thanks for your e-mail,
(That's one more answered!)

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