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They are the icons of the act ion category: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Already for years compete the actors, who delivers the kassentraechtigeren Blockbuster in the current season - running, which could decide usually Arnie to its favour. But this competition was from friendly nature and always considers the two muscle packages now even stepping together before the camera.

In order to send it directly in front: A concrete project existed not yet to want to look around as the current time one explained only, for suitable film-openly. Over the question, how these have to look, still no right agreement exists between the dynamic duo: Schwarzenegger floats would like gladly in a kind "blown up chains" with Sly side at side to fight, while Stallone a duel of the giants before-floats. Who would be subject, should latter suggestion be converted? To stand at the end still upright probably Schwarzenegger would have the better maps, because Sly sees itself in the role of the rogue and the former "Mr. universe" as the hero of the film.

As somewhat problematic the budget of such Movies could emerge: Schwarzeneggers income moves at present in the order of magnitude of 25 million dollar per film, and also Sly took for its last appearance before the camera "only" five million less. If one sums up however the profits, which could bring the two Hollywoodstars in in their past canvas careers, these amounts work comparatively small: Arnie nevertheless brought it on a billion dollar since "Hercules in New York" from the year 1970 and Sly on half of this amount since its "Rocky" break-through to 1976. There should 45 million dollar Gage nevertheless probably in it be, or?

Such a consideration could not have better set up a milk girl: On the one hand the incomes for a Stallone and a Schwarzenegger film, which can be expected, can hardly be added, since they lure a similar fan municipality into the cinemas, and on the other hand the profit curve was both star in the past years the falling. A development, which became not yet so apparent in Europe, as in the USA: Slys "Daylight" brought it in its homeland for example on only one third of its incomes outside of the states. Not least the shrinking popularity might be a reason for the idea to erklimmen together the Kinoolymp.

It is conceivable that both star for a common cinema appearance without a part of their usual Gage would do. Stallone made this already before three years before, when he required 60,000 dollar for his image break in "copilot country" only. If it would have gone according to it, the meeting with Schwarzenegger on the canvas could have already taken place in the same year: Both star were for the satire "drive to hell Hollywood" intended, but proved to Arnie the better Riecher and let the financial disaster without trace actually by-pull.

Next Stallone will have to be seen strip "Into Thin air" and the Polizeimovie "Detox" in the Formel-1, momentarily stands it for the Remake of the Michael Caine of classical author " GET Carter " before the camera. Arnie turns at present the Klonthriller " The Sixth Day " and afterwards " Collateral Damage " will probably tackle.

In the near future on a common canvas adventure will not thus have to be counted. If it should come however to it, become Arnie and Sly more luck would wash, than with their last common enterprise: With Bruce Willis created it the "planet Hollywood" restaurant chain - those well-known broke is...

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