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href="">PUMPING IRON: But when he wants the food it's there

CONAN THE BARBARIAN: What is best in life

THE TERMINATOR: F*** you a**hole

CONAN THE DESTROYER: Does it always smell like this

COMMANDO: You are a funny guy Sully, that's why I am going to kill you last

COMMANDO: Remember Sully I promised to kill you last, I lied

THE RUNNING MAN: One of us is in deep trouble

PREDATOR: You are one ugly mother f******

TWINS: As you choose to bluff, you must be prepared to have your bluff called

KINDERGARTEN COP: It's not a tumor

TOTAL RECALL: Ok than, if i'm not me, who the hell am i?

TERMINATOR 2: I swear I will not kill anyone

Arnold and Tim Allen on the Tonight show (FUNNY)

Im a cybernetic organism

Im going to kill you last

I let him go

I know now why you cry


Mind f**k


Shut up

Chilld to perfection

Proud of yourself


Deep trouble


Ill be back

Come and get me

Hasta la vista, baby

Pushing pencils


Bad idea


Big misstake

Sue me

Ugly motherfu**er

Dont be ridiculus

Want you ded

Screw you

Success can test

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Index of /~pir8/arnie/sounds

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"Where is she?"
"I'm a friend of Sarah Connor."
"Nice night for a walk."
"I'll be back. . . "
"Your clothes - give them to me, now."

Terminator 2

"I'm a cybernetic organism."
"Its in your nature to destroy yourselves" -Arnold "Yeah, major drag, huh." -John
"I have detailed files on human anatomy."
"It has to end here. . ."
"Go!"<shotgun blast>
>"Hasta la vista, baby."
"Stay here - I'll be back."
"I insist."
"I sense injuries."
"I see everything."
"I swear I will not kill anyone."
"My mission is to protect you."
"It must be destroyed."
quot;My CPU is a neurall net processor, a learning computer."
"That's one of my mission parameters."
"I'll be back. . ."
"Chill out, dickwad."
"Come with me if you want to live."
"It doesn't work that way."
"The system goes online on August 4th, 1997."
"No problemo."
Little Scanning Noise 1
Little Scanning Noise 2
"I cannot self-terminate."
"Why do we stop now?"
"This is tactically dangerous."
"The T-1000 has the same files that I do."
"Trust me."
"Typically, the subject being copied is terminated."
"I need a vacation."


"If it bleeds, we can kill it."
"You used to be somebody I could trust."
"I'm here! Kill me! C'mon kill me I'm here! C'mon do it now! Kill me!!!"
"So you cooked up a story and dropped us in the meat grinder!"
Conversation with Blaine about the merits of chewing tobacco and the Tyrannosaurus...
"You're one ugly mother@%$#$er!">
"Whadda you need us for?"
"You sonofabitch!"
"Big mistake."
"Had enough?"
"Let’s go!"
"Knock knock!"
"Whatsa matter?"
"Do it! DO IT!!!"

The Running Man

"Gimme a break and shut up!"
"Hello cutie pie!"
"And look what we have here."
"Well you must be very proud of yourself."<
"Well, that hit the spot!"
"One of us is in deep trouble. . ."
"Its showtime!"

Total Recall

"Consider that a divorce."
"Howdy Quaid!"
"I am Quaid."
(modified)"So, how do you like your women?" -Recall Employee "Sleezy. .." -Arnold

Miscellaneous Arnold Films

Eraser Trailer(pretty long)
"Born to be bad." (Twins)
"Come and get me!" (Eraser)
"Relax, you’ve been erased. . ." (Eraser)
interesting T2 remix. . . : )
Conan describing what is best in life. . .
interesting remix of Conan wav
"I don't like you using foul language." (Kindergarten Cop)
"I’m the party pooper." (Kindergarten Cop)
"SHUT UUUUUPPPPPP!!!" (Kindergarten Cop)
Arnold dealing with Sully in Commando (2 wavs pieced together)

Sounds of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold : The Education

of a Bodybuilder

The New Encyclopedia of

Modern Bodybuilding

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Sound Size  
I'm here kill me come on kill me im here comon do it NOW!! KILL ME!! . 164KB DOWNLOAD
My men are not exspandable and i don't do this kind of work. 73KB DOWNLOAD
If it bleeds we can kill it .
Knock knock!. 36KB DOWNLOAD
Lets go!. 4KB DOWNLOAD
So you cooked up a story and droopped us in a meat grinder!!!!. 109 KB DOWNLOAD
Stick around!. 21KB DOWNLOAD
What do you need us for. 27KB DOWNLOAD
You son of bitch 27KB DOWNLOAD
What the CIA got you ya pushing to many pencils 31KB DOWNLOAD
Kill me I'm here kill me!. 84KB DOWNLOAD

Conan the Barbarian

Sound Size  
Conan what is best in life? To crush you enemies see them driven before you and to hear the lemantation of their women. 217KB DOWNLOAD
Crommmmm!!!. 34KB DOWNLOAD
So grant me one request grant me revenge!!!!!!and if you do not listen then to hell with you. 1.05MB DOWNLOAD
Conan hits a llaima in the head hehe! 336KB DOWNLOAD
If i die i will have to go before him and he will ask me what is the rule of steel?. 125KB DOWNLOAD
Does it always smell like this is here how does the mid ever get in?. 821KB DOWNLOAD

Total Recall

Sound Size  
I got four kids to feed! So what happend to number five!. 113KB DOWNLOAD
You know doc you could of fouled me im quite serious your not here and niether am i thats amazing where are we. 208KB DOWNLOAD
Get your ass to mars!. 32KB DOWNLOAD
Comon don't bullshit me!. 36KB DOWNLOAD
See theres enough shit in here to fuck! cohagen good. 71KB DOWNLOAD
Consider that the divorce! 29KB DOWNLOAD
Comon baby you know your the girl of my dreams. 42KB DOWNLOAD
Comon Cohagen you got what you won't give these people air. 54KB DOWNLOAD
Howdy Quaid!. 26KB DOWNLOAD
Now im not interested in satan i said mars. 29KB DOWNLOAD
I have to hand it to you your the best mind fuck yet. 27KB DOWNLOAD
3 headed mosters thats vile!. 32KB DOWNLOAD
You are not you you are shit!. 44KB DOWNLOAD
See you at the party ricta!!!!.. 35KB DOWNLOAD
Benny!! Scewww Youuuu!!! arrrr!!. 63KB DOWNLOAD
How do you like your women?Sleezy. 85KB DOWNLOAD
Wake up! wake up! comon wake up!!!. 74KB DOWNLOAD
If im not me then who the hell im i. 63KB DOWNLOAD

Pumping Iron

Sound Size  
Ya see the king on the hill can only down or stay up but the wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill..thats true but when he wants the food its there. 234KB DOWNLOAD

The Running Man

Sound Size  
Give me a brake and shut up. 15KB DOWNLOAD
Nothing like first class. 227KB DOWNLOAD
I will not fire on women and children all they wont is food for gods sakes. 571 KB DOWNLOAD
And thats why we wont you as our guest on the running man ....FUCK YOU! 345KB DOWNLOAD
And why should i...Cos im gona say pleeeeeease!!!! 668 KB DOWNLOAD
Hello qutie pie! 34KB DOWNLOAD
That hit the spot! 14KB DOWNLOAD
How bout a light ... what a hot head! 464KB DOWNLOAD
Hey killian heres sub zero now plain zero!. 376KB DOWNLOAD
You must be very proud of yourself. 38KB DOWNLOAD
I will not kill a helpless humen being not even sadistic scum like you. 130KB DOWNLOAD
I live to see you eat the contract but i hope you leave enough room for my fist cos im gona ram it into your stomach and brake your god dam spine eyarr. 390KB DOWNLOAD
I had the shirt for it but you fucked it up. 270KB DOWNLOAD
Uplinks under ground uplinks above the gorund you guys dont shut up im gona up link your ass and youll be on the ground. 205KB DOWNLOAD
Jam the network yeah! Jam it up your ass forget this crazy upplinks . 115KB DOWNLOAD
Im gona throw up all over you go ahead won't show on this shirt. 184KB DOWNLOAD

End of Days

Sound Size  
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 87KB DOWNLOAD
Between your faith and my gloach 9mm i choose my gloch. 94KB DOWNLOAD
Hey marge Hey marge over here we need your help!!! Hey easy with the hardware BANG BANG!!Gesus marge what the FUCK!!!!!!! 284KB DOWNLOAD
I've seen alot too but nothing that would make me cut my tongue out. 125KB DOWNLOAD

The 6th Day

Sound Size
I know who i am. 4KB DOWNLOAD
You cloned the wrong man. 4KB DOWNLOAD

Terminator 2

Sound Size  
Afirmative!. 19KB DOWNLOAD
I'll be back!. 13KB DOWNLOAD
Im a cybornetic organisym. 32KB DOWNLOAD
I have detailed files. 32KB DOWNLOAD
Im a friend of sarah connor. 35KB DOWNLOAD
Your clothes give them to me now!!. 25KB DOWNLOAD
I swear i will not kill anyone. 43KB DOWNLOAD
My CPU is nuero net processor learning computer. 68KB DOWNLOAD
Nice night for a walk. 29KB DOWNLOAD
It dosent work that way. 25KB DOWNLOAD
The system goes on line in August 4th 1997. 70KB DOWNLOAD
This is tacticly dangerous. 35KB DOWNLOAD
The T-1000 has the same files that i do. 49KB DOWNLOAD
Where is she. 7KB DOWNLOAD


Sound Size  
Come and get meee!!. 10KB DOWNLOAD
Don't brake radio silence to you see me. 23KB DOWNLOAD
Are you gona tell me whats going on or what.........NO!. 48KB DOWNLOAD
I gota get my rifle from the shed so keep a eye out they'll be coming. 35KB DOWNLOAD
Your a funny guy sully i like you thats why im going to kill you last.....Remember when i promised to kill you last ..i lied. 309KB DOWNLOAD
A guy ive known for 3 years wants me dead. 17KB DOWNLOAD
Where is she?....Mellow out man we cant talk buisness with you waving guns in peoples faces your daughters safe Kernal weather she stays that way is up to you my people got some buisness with you and if you want your kid back you got to co operate right?............WRONG!!!!! BANG! 44KB DOWNLOAD

Kindergarten Cop

Sound Size  
I don't like you using foul langauge. 43KB DOWNLOAD
Hey im a polic officer this is an arrest. 32KB DOWNLOAD
Good morning!. 30KB DOWNLOAD
Now im going to ask you a bunch of questions and i want them answerd imediatly. 62KB DOWNLOAD
Im'm the party pooper. 25KB DOWNLOAD


Sound Size  
Relax you've been erased. 88KB DOWNLOAD
Big mistake. 25KB DOWNLOAD
I'll be right out. 176KB DOWNLOAD
Your laggudge. 24KB DOWNLOAD
Had enough. 6KB DOWNLOAD


Sound Size  
You choose to bluff. 46KB DOWNLOAD
You move to soon. 52KB DOWNLOAD
Yakidy yak Yakidy yak don't talk back!! Marnie!!. 119KB DOWNLOAD
I'm so happy vincent i want to hug you hug you. 130KB DOWNLOAD

All of these sounds come from


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