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TAFs interviews "The Man" in his movie trailer!
Reported By: Randy Jennings
Thursday, September 12, 2002

In part one of our "T3" set visit we brought you on the set of Crystal Peak. Now come with us (if you want to live) as we take you inside Arnold's movie trailer parked outside the studio stage for T3: Rise of the Machines

We entered Schwarzenegger's luxurious personal movie trailer, decorated as a mobile mini-mansion, complete with giant Sony TV, bathroom, kitchen, chess set and the great wall of Maria and family photos. As I entered, it appeared a match of wits between four-year-old son Christopher and papa Terminator was just wrapping.

Now we are greeted by Arnold with hand shakes and before we begin he offers us all water or coffee because he claims some of us look a little tired. Now, not only is Arnold the gracious host to us - offering us drinks, seats and other accommodations but he also came in on his day off just for us. His final scene before the principal photography wrapped involved the ultimate destructive bathroom brawl with the TX. Unfortunately we would miss this fight but to sit a few feet from Arnold as he gave us a 20 minute interview was by far superior.

Son Christopher, with long blond hair and more of the resemblance to Maria, hopped up on his daddyıs lap and settled in - sometimes pulling at Arnold's checks. Before the real T3 interview would begin, I was shooting the breeze with Arnold about his son.

TAFs: Is that your #1 fan there?

Arnold: Yeah, he amazed me this morning. I was like playing around with him. He was sitting in the corner and I was asking him in German 'what's 1 and 2' and all the way up to 10 and he had all the answers... and he's just four years old.

TAFs: Were you just playing chess together?

Yeah, he knows chess and knows all the moves and he takes lessons. He's a champion!

We also learned Christopher is almost a bilingual champ too but enough of Christopher. Let's move on to Arnold as THE TERMINATOR!

So how'd the big fight go yesterday?

Arnold: Everything has gone extraordinarily well, except we took a little bit more time than anyone expected because there were so many visual effects shots. You have to break it up so much, you make one move, and then when someone flies through the room, when there's really no one flying through the room. So then you set it up for a big master shot so you can see the whole room. Then you have to go and film the landing up in the corner, and then fly falling down, and then you have to take separate shots, and then when you fall, when you fall on the bottom... It's a lot of cuts because of the digital effects it took much longer than we expected but it's going to be a real spectacle because we've never really seen a fight scene of two people, who are actually machines, one weighs two thousand pounds and one a thousand pounds. For every move you make, towards any piece of wall or door or anything immediately breaks so everything has to be rigged in such a way. Like for instance, there's a scene where I grab [TX] by the jaw, and then lift her up into the air and throw her down into the ground and as soon as I throw her down into the ground, the tiles on the ground just break. And then I lift my foot up really high and just step down on her head and that then makes her whole head crush into below the floor of the bathroom. You have to rig all that stuff, and you have to cut, and then we have to put the dummy down because I can't step on her head otherwise it breaks her nose. So you have to split it up. It's extraordinary to see the effects it has when two of those machines... letting loose in a small quarters like a bathroom area, what happens to the walls, to the ceilings, to the pipes. There's one scene where I throw her against the toilet bowl and the whole thing just explodes and water shoots out everywhere. Whenever you cause some damage, you have to show the effects of it. The water coming out, the gas from the gas pipes, water pipes, and all that stuff, sparks flying... it takes a lot of setup and work.

How did you do the scene lifting her chin up?

Arnold: First of all you have to do a lot of lifting and second of all she has to assist, like in professional wrestling. Assist through out the whole thing, and gain a certain momentum so you can get it straight up lifting your arm up like that. Then turn around and then throw her head down then you have a mattress below. This girl was a stunt girl, but it's unbelievable when you see it.

Can you set up the fight as to where it takes place and is this at the end of the film?

Arnold: Actually, its not at the end of the film, I think it's around two-thirds into the movie, approximately. We're at a building, and it's just one of those places where she wants to get some place at the same time, we want to get to the same place. And who gets their first... and we just happen to crash into each other, we meet in the hallway, with a very simple, innocent meeting at the hallway. But then it's absolutely out of control.

Do you have to get over the chivalry aspect of you not wanting to hit women?

Arnold: No because the thing you realize is that you're playing a machine and it's not really a female... she looks like a female but in fact is not... and the male, who looks like a male, but is not, of course he's just a machine. Y'know, they don't have the sex organs that identify men and women, they don't need them and there's no reason for them having sexual organs. They come to this world in fact, there's specific reasons that they look the way they do, so they can blend in, and become just one of the human beings. That's the way she has arrived, so she can dress like a model and whatever... a woman, and be very disarming, but immediately when she touches you and then kills you and takes on your look and your personality and everything like that and becomes very effective this way. But it is on the other hand, a machine... it's two machines fighting, but visually, y'know, it takes an interesting because it is visually a man fighting against a woman. Then the woman ends up becoming extremely sophisticated because of her abilities of fighting are much greater than mine. I'm a model that still works well, but is definitely an outdated model where there have been new models.

Because the special effects have gotten so advanced, Do you have to fight to keep the feel of the original Terminator films?

Arnold: Well, you arrive at a story that fits in with the other two films but it's an ongoing story. So that's a key thing ­ you keep the rules the same and to keep the characters similar and to use the whole premise of machines taking over ­ the rise of machines. That was the first and the last thing - The struggle of machines vs. human beings. So, I think you can write much bigger now the scenes and the action because you have much more of a chance to making it actually possible without cheating much. Visually today there are so many things on the screen for instance the Jerry Bruckheimer "Pearl Harbor" with the airplanes blowing things. You would have never seen that 10 years ago. It's just unbelievable.

With all the special effects going on, what scene are you looking forward to the most once put together?

Arnold: I would say there are some great futuristic scenes that have been shot and there is also some great stuff. There is a chase scene we have in the movie that lasts roughly around 8 ­ 10 minutes, and that is like the most extraordinary chase scene and also because of what we were able to do. What the female Terminator ends up doing with me in this chase scene you'll be like 'wait a minute, this gal definitely has me dead 10 times over.' I'm looking forward to having those effects and seeing the 10 minute scene because it will be a real visual feast. And also, there are so many things with planes crashing and this and that, that we will see visually when it's done but we in fact did not crash a plane. So that's going to be great. Inside tunnels and explosions - I'm looking forward to all of that.

Is "True Lies 2" next?

Arnold: I don't know. The script IS ready to go. So it's just really up to Cameron and when he decided to do another movie. He's in between things. Projects that he loves and he plays around with that stuff so when ever he's ready he's ready. I'm sure Jamie Lee Curtis is ready with her new body. We've all seen the story where she came out with this thing and says, it's all fake.' My wife just did a story with her for her show because she said it's fascinating when someone is able to do that, to just say, You know something? This was a little liposuction, a little shots there, this is all bogus. In reality, this is what I look like.' And she published a photograph of what she really looks like. It's wild. So, it's an interesting thing. Anyway, she definitely will be part of True Lies and Tom Arnold also. We're looking forward to that.

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