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Swedish Paradox Entertainment Acquires Conan
Wednesday, October 2, 2002


(Stockholm, Sweden) Paradox Entertainment announced the two-step acquisition of Conan Sales Company (CSC) holding all the rights to Conan, one of the most successful character franchises in the world. The agreement allows Paradox to acquire 20% of the company with an option to purchase all remaining stock. Effective immediately, the management of CSC will be represented by Paradox Entertainment.

"The potential in the Conan character, stories and fan base is huge. We plan to increase licensing activities immediately in all media, including newly written books, comics and computer games," said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of Paradox Entertainment.

"We could not find better, more astute, or more creative hands to guide the Barbarian's future," said Arthur Lieberman, representing the sellers.

A wide range of international companies has been working with Conan over the years. Current licensing deals include a feature film option with Warner Brothers, computer games license with TDK, and a publishing license with TOR-books.

”We’ve got two major challenges: The first is to be true to the great Conan fan base, and the second is to elevate the Conan brand and its characters preparing the property for another sixty years in the entertainment industry. We feel that Paradox is well suited to take on such tasks,” concluded Mr Bergquist.

For more information please contact:

Theodore Bergquist, CEO,
Phone 413 582 39 99 (North America), +46 8 5661 4800 (Europe)

About Paradox Entertainment
Paradox Entertainment was created to build science fiction, fantasy and alternative history brands in cross-media platforms. The company management has a long experience in publishing, interactive media, film and TV entertainment. Its brand portfolio contains successful brands such as Mutant Chronicles, Europa Universalis, Kult and Heavy Gear. In less than two years the interactive games branch has earned worldwide recognition for producing best selling and award-winning PC games such as Europa Universalis I and II and Airfix Dogfighter and is currently producing Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and Mutant Chronicles Online.

About Conan Sales Company.
CSC holds all intellectual property rights in and associated with the character Conan created by Robert E. Howard in the 1930´s and hailed as the greatest fantasy hero in the world. Millions of people worldwide have enjoyed the books, comics and movies about the life and adventures of Conan. Interest peaked in the eighties when Arnold Schwarzenegger played the hero’s part in two feature films.

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