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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to Paul Fischer in Los Angeles the other day to set the record straight on his health and his stogie smoking habits.

"First of all, the heart surgery was four and a half years ago. In April itıs five years. Number 2, I think it was very clear that when you get your valve replaced you don't have to change your life. Especially if you have the right doctor. And he [the doctor] always said to me, "I'm gonna fix it so that you can continue doing your action movies." And I was like, "Then you are the doctor who is gonna do it." So when I heard that, you know, others would say you have to do this or you have to change that or you canıt smoke your Stogie any moreS I said "Thank you very much, but no thank you.² So I finally found the right guy. And the fact of the matter is nothing did change. I am on no medication. I didnıt have to alter my life. The only thing that he suggested was that instead of pushing heavy weights and doing 10 reps, why donıt you use half the weight and do 20 reps in weight training. So thatıs the only thing that I changed. Everything else, all my other activities stayed exactly the same."

"I smoke ­ not only because of the heart, but when you get older I think it is better to slow down ­ so I smoke one cigar a day now, where I used to smoke three. Then I cut it down to two, then I cut it down to one. Maybe eventually I cut it down more or make them smaller. But other than that, I do the action the same way, in the movies. I prepare for it the same way and the things that I feel I canıt do or that might be too dangerous to do I let someone else do it. It's the same rule I always had."

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