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Jingle All the Way

On the video case's front cover, Arnold's shirt is different from the one he wears in the whole of the movie. All the other clothes he's wearing on the case are the same as the movie.

When Arnie is dressed as Turbo Man, basically all he has covering his face is a yellow shield, and yet his own son still doesn't recognise him? Toss in his voice on top of it and you'd think at least the Mom or the son would know it was him. But noooo.....

When we see Arnie reach his hand to pat the reindeer, he is clearly wearing gloves. As the reindeer snaps at his hand, we see he is no longer wearing gloves.

In the scene where they hand out the balls, for the Turbo Man dolls, when Arnold shouts the mailman's got 2, you can see a ball clearly right in front of his face, why doesn't he get that ball?

At the part where Arnold is in the neighbours' house "stealing" the turbo man the head of a statue catches on fire. He tries a couple of times to get the fire out. In one shot the head is right next to his foot and in the next shot the head is gone. Then in the very next shot the head is back and he kicks it out the window.

In the house scene when Rita Wilson is making cookies, and Ted comes in, she is scooping the cookies off the baking tray onto the plate with a fish slice thingy, she only has about 1 on the plate, the camera then goes to Ted, then when it goes back to her nearly all of them are on the plate, how could she have done that so quick? They were so neatly put on the plate, and none were broken.

During the parade you can clearly see trees in the background with plenty of green leaves.

When Jamie's mom is taking the cookies out of the oven, she has on two right handed hot pads. If she was truly pulling a hot cookie sheet out of the oven, her left hand would be burned through the unprotected side of the hot pad.

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