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Total Recall

Doug has the hologram when inside the alien nuclear reactor, and a bunch of bad guys encircle the holographic image and fire at it at point blank with automatic weapons, and not one bad guy gets hit! If they encircled the 3D image, at least a few bad guys would have been hit by their own men.

In the scene after Arnold kills the construction hoods he goes home to Sharon Stone and tries to convince her that it was real by showing her his bloody hands with which he was grabbing her shoulders, yet there is no blood on her or the appliances he turned off upon entering the apartment.

When Arnie uses the dead body as a human shield, watch the corpse's mouth - he grimaces every time he gets hit (the squibs hurt).

When Arnie is taking off his woman's head he presses a switch by the ear and the ear comes out. The device reaches right inside the fake head and there would be no room for Arnie's real head.

If there is ever a situation that calls for bullet-proof glass, the Mars Space Port would have to be one of them.  Even if they are assuming there will be no guns, why not play it safe and install the strongest possible glass to withstand ANY thing, including bullets?

In the scene in the Mars Air/Spaceport, the troops are wearing Casio scientific calculators on their wrists.

When Arnold is in the hotel being talked down by the psychiatrist, the villains are waiting to get an elevator.  when they get to the floor where Arnold's room they arrive on a different bank of elevators. They come up the main elevators only to arrive on the service elevators.

Why would they have a manual release for the emergency airlock doors? Wouldn't they have had a gauge which detected decrease in pressure and deployed them immediately?

When Arnold jumps through the glass, you can definitely see a change in his face and body shape. (From the stuntman).

When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rachel Ticotin are being attacked by the giant drilling machine, Arnie grabs a pnumatic drill and cuts the main oil line of the machine, getting the left side of his face and his shirt doused in oil. Yet throughout the remainder of the film, there is no oil on Arnie's face or shirt.

When Arnie meets Bennie, he takes him to his cab and opens the door for him to get in. At that time, there's an explosion, and Bennie pulls the door down to shield himself and Arnie. The camera switches to behind them, and Bennie is just now pulling the door down.

If you look closely at the position of Arnie's arms while still on the 3D screen, they are in a different position when he breaks through.

After the fight with Richtor, Arnie throws his severed arms off the elevator. If you look closely at the bottom of the elevator you can see the arms do not fall all the way down. They disappear once they hit the floor of the stage Arnie is acting on - they forgot to animate some arms falling on the bluescreen image.

In the same scene, there's a close-up of Arnie's gun firing, and we can see there's blood on the side of the corpse's head. However, in the wider shots there isn't.

When Arnie comes home after killing his workmate, he pulls Sharon Stone to the floor. From one angle his hands are on her shoulders, from another they're on her elbows.

When Doug and Melina are being chased by Richter they leap from the catwalk in the big dome. When they reach the other side, from one camera angle, they grab the horizontal bar on the dome scaffolding. From the next angle they are holding onto the diagonally vertical bars swinging inward.

In the scene where Quaid unfolds a flyer for The Last Resort, he unfolds it with the flyer image facing the camera. When the scene cuts to him looking at it, the flyer image is facing him.

When a person goes out into space, their eyes wouldn't be sucked out, their cheeks puffed, etc. They would have about 10-20 seconds of useful consciousness, when they could get back to a safe area. Even after that, they'd still be alive for about a minute, although unconscious. The only major problem that being in space for about half a minute might cause is rupturing the eardrums and possible blindness (although the eyeballs wouldn't be graphically sucked out).


In the scene where Arnold is at the front desk of the hotel and retrieves the paper from the safety deposit box, he asks for a pen. The clerk gives him a red pen to write on the back of the paper stated "for a good time, ask for Melina". When the scene cuts to Arnold writing on the paper, the ink is black. When he returns the pen to the clerk, it is red again. [The body's black - it's just a red cap on a black pen.]

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