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Arnold goes to the Gay Bar to solicit the help of the guy he saved at the beginning of the movie. The guy is wearing a white shirt and a black vest. During their conversation he takes off the vest, then the scene shifts to another bartender. When it comes back the guy has the vest on, another shot and the vest is off again.

If the bullets from the super gun move at just under the speed of light, how come the bad guys can't hit him or the girl? The bullets would arrive almost instantaneously and that would mean minimal compensation for them running. Plus the guy had them locked on when he shot.

At the start of the film Arnie takes 2 Polaroid pictures of the 2 people he saves. Later on he looks at the pictures. Arnie was wearing gloves with blood all over them but after we see the pictures his gloves are magically clean.

After Arnold discovers who the traitor is and is drugged, he pages Lee with the code to leave the apartment. Why would he do that? The plane was heading to Atlanta, 1000 miles away from NYC. If he didn't make the call, they would never trace it to NY and would never have found her.

When Arnold is hanging under the parachute the plane tries to hit him and he shoots at the plane, breaking the glass of the cockpit windows. When the plane lands later on, the windows are intact again.

At the end, Arnie is shot in one arm, which means he's got one left functioning. He jumps onto the side of a container being hoisted by a crane (he's got to use his only good arm to hang on). Yet, he still manages to punch some baddie on top of the container in the nose (with his 3rd arm).

Arnold dives to save the girl under the lid of a fridge. Knives are thrown at him with his hand above the fridge door. The knives are all thrown and none hit his hand. But the next angle shown he's got one in his hand. Even worse - in the next scene he's driving a van with both hands, and when he swipes the credit card the wound appears and disappears.

When Arnold gives the girl a credit card, he slides the card to give her credit, but the magnetic strip is facing the wrong way.

At the beginning, notice the brooch that holds the microphone on the woman. When she exits with the disk, the brooch jumps to the other side of her coat.

When Arnold blasts out of the warehouse with 2 EM Guns, a man is firing at him, standing right next to a surveillance van. Arnold fires back and blows the whole van up but the man is gone.

In the scene where the Feds are going to the log cabin, while they are outside, gearing up, Arnold casually attaches a silencer, and pulls back the slide of his pistol, but the slide stays in the rearward position, a condition which should only occur when an empty magazine is in the weapon. Arnold notices and tries to push it foreward, this doesn't work so Arnold hides it with his hand for the remainder of the scene.

When Arnold lands on the car in the junk yard, you can see the side windows of the car exploding outward moments before impact.

When Arnold goes to the gay club to get help from the Mafia guy, watch as they are about to leave. His friend is seen in one scene with his vest on, in the next he has his vest off, then again with his vest on.

You can see twice when bad guys are shot when the tape is cut and edited. The first one is when Arnold shoots the bad guy with the shot gun when looking for the blonde girl in the house, you can see just before he hits the picture on the wall that the tape is cut and replaced with the real guy instead of the dummy that was hit by the bullet. The second is at the end at the dock when Arnold has two of those really cool guns. He shoots a vehicle full of guys coming towards him and the vehicle blows up and flies over his head, and just before the vehicle blows up, you can see the cut & edit and then the car blows up and flies through the air. Undoubtedly replaced with a toy car that was blown up!

When Arnold is protecting the girl under the fridge lid, one of those "knife" things goes through his right hand. When Arnold and the girl are running away from the house as it is blowing up, there is no wound on his right hand.

Two biggies about the rail guns: first, they are far too small to produce enough electromagnetic power to hurl a projectile at "half the speed of light" with a barrel only a couple of feet long, and second, a projectile hitting the air at "half the speed of light" (about 334,800,000 MPH) would instantly vaporise in a huge, blinding flash from the ridiculously intense frictional heating that would occur at such an enormous velocity in the atmosphere.  The energy released would probably kill the shooter and anyone standing anywhere near him.

Even aside from the ridiculous recoil that a railgun would cause (yeah, I know they don't use gunpowder, but there's got to be SOME opposite movement, surely), how come when the darts (bullets, whatever) go straight through people, they still get thrown backwards? The passage straight through them means minimal energy being transferred to them, and as such they shouldn't be hurled backwards that much.

When Arnold jumps from the plane, notice the stunt double. He weighs about half of what Arnold would, and has no muscles.

When Arnie finally lets go of the plane and heads towards the parachute he threw, the camera zooms up on him and you can clearly see a parachute already on his back. This is extra strange because Arnie didn't do a parachute jump, a stunt man did, so why is he wearing one at that moment? Perhaps some bad editing?


The name of the company was going to be Cyrix, but it was changed to Cyrez because there is a real company called Cyrix. When Vanessa Williams copies the file, it is called CYXDEF1000. (CYX=Cyrix)


Electromagnetic railguns work off of the principle of electromagnetic energy.   When the girl explains the principle of how the guns worked she says that they use aluminium rounds. Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal and is not affected by electromagnetic energy. [This is not entirely accurate. Electric current at a right angle to a magnetic field produces a force perpendicular to both. This force propels the projectile. The projectile must be conductive, but it needn't be magnetic.]

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