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Conan the Destroyer

In movie Conan the Barbarian at the funeral, Conan throws away his wheel necklace and replace it with Eye of the serpent necklace from Valeria. At the beginning of Conan the Destroyer, when he was praying, he is still wearing his old wheel necklace.

At the start of the fight in the temple, Conan throws his dagger and kills a soldier. The huge fight kicks off and the heroes collect the jewell and escape up the secret passage. When Conan remounts his horse, the dagger is in its sheath in his belt.

During the escape, through the tunnel, Bumbata (spelling) caves the tunnel in. Conan then digs through the rock pile and crawls over them, while they bend like foam balls.

At the start of the film, Conan is attacked by several horsemen. As the first one comes riding past him, he grabs the man from the saddle and flings him to the ground. The next shot shows that same man flying through the air screaming.

Conan and his party flee from the temple guards and escape into the crypt, closing the huge stone door behind them. A moment later, the camera shows the leader (Ferdinand Mayne) standing at the foot of the steps holding a torch. He chucks the torch out of sight to his right and begins walking towards the door. If you look closely you'll see the torch disappear nicely out of sight behind the wall as if he had "passed" it to someone standing there.

In Toth-Amon's icy castle, Conan walks into the room where the jewel is being kept. A mirror then descends and blocks off the doorway from the other heroes. Instead of trying to lift it (as Bombaata did), why didn't they just smash it and follow Conan in? After all, that's exactly what they did later on after Conan defeated Toth-Amon.

Inside Toth-Amon's icy castle, just as the heroes climb up onto the steps from the water, you should notice that only the thief is soaking wet as he emerges; the other heroes seem to be relatively dry.

During Conan's fight with the horsemen at the beginning of the movie, watch as he punches a horse and sends it (and its rider) reeling. He took at least a full second just to get into position and draw his fist back; during that moment, why didn't the rider stab him?


Most people should already know this, but Sven-Ole Thorsen (Titus of Gaul from Gladiator), who played Thorgrim (one of Thulsa Doom's henchmen) in Conan the Barbarian, was given another role in Conan the Destroyer as Togra, the leader of the horsemen who fought one-on-one with Conan sometime in the middle of the show.

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