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Conan the Barbarian

After Conan is set free from slavery he finds a cave where he removes a sword. When he climbs out of the cave you'll notice someone's hands near his feet pushing up his shackles.

In the orgy scene towards the end, when the three companions rescue the princess, Valeria swings herself over a wall, rather noisily disturbing a hanging chain behind her with her foot. Some thief! In the next return shot to her position, however, the chain is absolutely still.

At the end of the film, Conan hurls a firepot at Thulsa Doom's temple. Some moments later, we see the whole temple ablaze. Firstly, how did the fire spread so fast? And secondly, the temple was a STONE one. Unlikely that stone can catch fire and burn so quickly....

When Conan slays Rexor towards the end of the film (during the battle at the ruins), watch Rexor carefully. He throws his arms out in a death posture a split second before Conan hacks him with his sword.

How did Subotai know where to find Conan? Conan had been hanging on the tree of woe for days, dying from exposure and dehydration. So how on earth did Subotai know where to find him? It doesn't make sense.

During the battle at the ruins, Subotai runs out of arrows and is fleeing from two horsemen. Suddenly he turns, raises his bow in a firing position, and one of the pursuers falls dead. What happened? He didn't fire an arrow - he had none left.

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