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True Lies

In the public restroom fight, Arnold slams one of the bad guys head into the ceramic urinal. Although you hear two loud and clear "klonks", the urinal bends when Arnold presses the bad guy's head down.

There are a lot of comments about the Harrier (technically speaking it is an AV8-A, a slightly different aircraft) flown by Arnold Schwartzenneger, but everyone's missed the obvious one. The terrorists are unaware of the fact that a Harrier is hovering just outside the window until they turn and see it there. A Harrier is an incredibly loud aircraft; you can hear them from three kilometers away. At that range the floor would shake with the noise.

During the hotel scene where Arnold is on the horse chasing the bad guy on the motorcycle, keep your eye on the carpet. As the bike clears a path through the lobby, you can see tyre marks all over the carpet where this shot has been practised many times.

In the scene where the bad guy is attached to the missile and fired, in the split second before it hits the helicopter you can see below it a building called SUN BANK, but the letters are backwards.

During the shoot-out in the restroom, the villain fires shots down the length of stalls.  Then as he walks down kicking each door open there is a shot from inside one of the stalls.  You can see where the explosives were taped to the back of the door to make the gun shoot holes.  There is residue on the back of the door and all of these rectangular clean area where the holes ended up being.

At the start, when Schwarzenegger leaves the party to steal the computer evidence, when he turns on the computer you can clearly hear the Macintosh start up sound, but when he looks at the computer screen it is a Windows operating system icon.

During the scene where Arnold's character is escaping from the mansion at the beginning of the movie, there is a part where he is running down a snowy hill through trees. At one point during the hill scene, Arnold does a flip head first. When he lands the flip, you can clearly see the stunt double's face as he turns to shoot at more bad guys.

When they are standing at the top of the dam, the first time you see the dam it's dry. The next time you see the dam (30 seconds later) it's wet.

When Helen Tasker pretends to be the hooker, Doris at the hotel room she does a striptease and you can see a burn scar on her right hip from a childhood accident. Then it is gone during closeups as a body double is used.

In the scene where Harry walks out of his wife's office, stunned and believing that she's having an affair, you can see a woman a few cars back standing there and staring right at him and Gibb talk the entire time.

In the beginning of the movie, at Switzerland, Harry has just ran & tumbled in the snow, but doesn't show a speck of snow anywhere on him.

After the bathroom shootout, when Arnold has his team contain the terrorist leader in front of the building they're about to chase through, just before the terrorist rides the motorcycle through the front door, if you watch carefully, you can very clearly spot Arnold's double on the horse.

Helen Tasker slaps Juno Skinner when they are at the terrorist hideout in the Florida Keys; because Helen is wearing her ring, Skinner ends up with a wound on her face. If you watch this bit in slow motion you can see the wound on Skinner's cheek a split second before she is slapped.

When the bad guy is stuck on the missile on the rail of the Harrier, and Arnold shoots it, it carries the bad guy into the building and out the other side. Modern missiles accelerate at more than 2000 G's - the Sidewinder weighs less than 200 lbs, and thrust is more than 40,000. So he would have been fried by the backwash as it left without him.

The first time Arnold commandeers the Harrier, he lifts it and bashes car windows with it. The real plane makes enough downwash to flip a real car over.

At the part where Arnold and gang are raiding Simon's caravan and one of them hits Helen on the head with his gun, Arnie punches him on his left cheek, however when he gets up he is holding his right cheek.

When the bad guy rides the motorbike through a kitchen door two servents drop some food on the floor. When Harry rides his horse through the door there is nothing on the floor.

In the scene where the harrier shoots a missile and blows up the bridge you can clearly see that it's all miniature, but if you didn't know, you could tell it by the crash barrier that is obviously made of some sort of rubber - it bounces up and down during the explosion (you see it in the frame where the car crashes down on the bridge again).

Harriers cannot fire missiles from hover; they can only use their guns.

Early on, Arnold has a Ruger P-series pistol fired right in front of his face when he and Tom Arnold are seated in the van. He'd be blinded if he really did this, from muzzle blast.

More rounds come out of the Vulcan than are carried by real Harriers.

A real Harrier jet can only hover for approx 30 seconds. It needs water 150 gallons to cool the engine. In the movie it hovers for a few minutes, which would be impossible because it would have run out of coolant.

The 6 foot 2 Arnold manages to sqeeze his steroid pumped body into a harrier jet, which is only mean to host people of horse jockey stature (around 5'8").

Where Bill Paxton first finds Jamie lee curtis in the cafe, and forces her to take his briefcase, you can see two men in overcoats in the background, pointing them out curiously.

During the stripdance scene in the hotel room, Tasker is using what looks a whole lot like a walkman to play the recording of a man talking. Right. Watch as the first number of times he plays and stops the tape, he presses buttons along the face of the player. Then when he replays "Now lie on the bed, and close your eyes" he uses regular playback buttons that stick out on the side of the walkman. I've never seen a walkman with two sets of controls on the body of the machine.

When they are in the Florida Keys and Harry (Arnold Schwarzenegger) hands Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) the Uzi and she fires it and drops it and it continues to fire as it tumbles down the stairs. This cannot happen the Uzi has a safety on the grip of the gun and can't be fired unless someone is holding the gun correctly.

In the scene where the Uzi is falling down the stairs and shooting, as far as I know an Uzi holds thirty bullets and fires at a rate of twenty bullets a second which means that the gun was long empty before it got to the bottom.


When Arnold is on the plane after getting caught, he is shot in the back of the neck with some tranq gun, if you look as he passes out, you can see the girl talking spilling her wine all over her as it fades out. [What you see is the chain from Helen's necklace.]

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