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In the scene where the female prisoner falls to the ground and pretends to be hurt, then throws leaves in the soldier's face and tries to escape. She is stopped by another soldier, standing in her path with a gun in her face. The sequence with the gun pointed at her head is filmed in two shots. One looking up at the soldier holding the gun, the other with the gun hovering in her face. Every time it changes between these two camera angles, we find the soldier's hands in two completely different positions on the gun he is holding.

Why is it, when they are first storming the base, they have been blowing the hell out of it for about 10 minutes, but when Arnie bursts into a room saying 'Knock Knock' there are two guys just playing cards?  Don't you think they would have noticed that their base was falling apart around them?

After Bill Duke has stabbed the scorpion that was on Carl Weathers' back, he puts on a box and crushes it with his boot. You see a clear picture before he crushes it and then after he lifts his boot away it is facing a completely different direction from that before he stands on it.

When Arnold is sliding down a hill as he escapes the predator, the camera takes on his POV. It clearly shows as it pans down that he will be pulverized by the ground below. But instead he falls into water.

Mac and Dillon go after the Predator.The Predator is sitting in a tree, and Mac points him out to Dillon. They both agree that they see it and take position. Mac crawls underneath the alien and is killed by his laser. The Predator then sees Dillon and lasers his arm off. Dillon's arm falls to the ground with the gun firing. Quickly Dillon turns and reaches for the machine gun around his neck. When he turns you clearly see his bloody right stump and his right arm sticking out the bottom of his jacket. [Note: As far as I can work out, this has been cunningly edited out of the UK DVD version].

When Mac & Dillon are spying on the predator you can see the mike appear in shot above them.

The Indian guy carries an M-16 with a shotgun attached under it right when he leaves the burned village.  When it shows him again the M-16 has no shotgun attached to it. Right after that it shows him again with the shotgun attached.

Watch when Mac shaves himself. He digs the razor into his face and the razor breaks. Look at the blood on his face. After the razor breaks the amount of blood decreases. That is because the prop razor contained the blood and was released when pressed down.

When Arnold and the others attack the village you see a soldier get blown up - only moments later you see the same clip again.

After they catch the predator in the net and it breaks free, the laser blast breaks a big part of a tree and it heads toward a soldier, hitting him head on. If you watch closely when they show an above shot of the tree hitting the guy, you can see an air pressured pad pushing the tree on the ground into him.

As Arnold climbs out of the water he crawls through mud. He looks back at the pursuing Predator and crawls backward through the mud. Even with all this crawling there is no way that he would have been covered head to toe in mud. If you look closely every little nook and cranny is full of mud, he would have had to dunk his entire body in a mud pit to accomplish this.

Dillan again, after having his (visible) arm shot off the Predator moves in and picks him up off the floor, at the bottom of the screen you can see the plank that is used to elevate him.

When Arnold is rushing down the river and over the waterfall its daylight and you can see the blue sky as he swims out of the water. But just after he gets out of the water and sits down under the tree roots, with the Predator after him, it suddenly gets very dark then it's night time in a matter of seconds.

In the scene where Mac and Dillon attempt to kill the predator you clearly see the rear view of Mac's head being blown clean off his shoulders, yet when Dillon discovers his lifeless corpse a few moments later his head is intact and there is merely a trickle of blood running from his forehead.

Ramirez throws a grappling hook on to the helicopter that is stuck in a tree. We clearly hear a metallic sound as it hits. However, when he climbs up the rope and reaches the helicopter, the grappling hook gets caught in his clothes for a second. The hook gets easily lifted and then dropped back on to the helicopter without a sound. It even bounces a little, like it's made of plastic.

When Arnold is running from the Predator after he sets the grenade off in the tunnel sequence, he avoids the Predator's gun blast by leaping and swinging on the branch of a dead tree. As Arnold's flying through the air, you can clearly see that it is a real branch. But as the screen switches to an explosion and back to Arnold, the branch is now some prop 2x4 and collapses as Arnold now plunges into the pond below.

When Arnie is covered with mud, the Predator can't see him, supposedly because it cloaks his heat trail, but when he looks at the Predator, his eyes are clearly visible, and would give off heat. This is backed up by when it grabs him up against a tree, as his eyes are the brightest heat source through the infrared visor. Admittedly his eyes will be small to see from afar, but even so...

In the scene where the Indian character goes after the Predator, he is standing on a high tree bridge (used several times in the film). He throws his back pack off the bridge. You see it land in the bottom left hand-side of the screen. Two seconds later a splash is heard.

When the guys are attacking the natives, you see a guy getting ready to shoot someone in the head.  He does, but the blood leaves the man's head before he even pulls the trigger.

When Blain (Jesse ventura) is killed by the Predator with a laser blast through the back, we see a close shot as he falls to his knees. His wound is sort of a small bubbly thing about the size of a saucer. But when Arnie bends down (after the team has shot up the jungle) to Blains body to examine it, we see his whole chest is blown open.

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