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There is a seen where Arnie and Danny De Vito are in the washroom of a nightclub. In one shot there is a beer bottle on top of a shelf, and in the next shot it's gone.

In the scene where Danny and Arnold are eating the "nuked" food. You can see the amount of milk Arnold has in his glass changes. He actually has more at the end of the scene.

Arnie & DeVito are walking through a crowd with their white coats hanging over their shoulders, black sunglasses and hawaiian shirts on (DeVito is teaching Arnie how to act semi-normal). If you look in the near background you can see a few extras that walk across right behind them about seven or eight times, they were obviously told to walk closely across behind the two stars and then turn around and walk closely across behind them again and again and again. You would think that a movie with such a huge budget would be able to hire a few more extras to do that job....


Danny Devito was going after the $5 million for the stolen fuel injection system. At the end, when he and Arnold are reminiscing, he talks about it as $4 million dollars. [He only turned in 4 million, keeping 1 million for himself.]

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