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Commando (1985)

Directed by Mark L. Lester, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya, Vernon Wells, Alyssa Milano

The registration of the amphibian aircraft changes. When Matrix is talking on the radio, he says Whiskey X-Ray for the callsign. Soon after, on an external view of the plane, there is neither a W or an X in the registration.

The yellow Porsche is totally wrecked on the left side, until Arnie drives it away, and it's fine.

When Matrix fights Cook in the motel room, after smashing the glass wall they knock over a pink lampshade, but in the next shot it's back up again.

/ 0:14:55 - The truck that Matrix pushes down the hill won't run, because the bad guys have trashed the engine, but after free-wheeling down the hill, when it finally crashes the exhaust is smoking away...

/ 1:10:50 - At the end of the movie, Arnie puts on his flak jacket then his make-up, but when he takes off his jacket, he's got camouflage on.

When Matrix is riding on the plane's landing gear, there is one quick shot where you see the plane lifting off the ground with Matrix nowhere in sight. Right after that, when Matrix lets go of the landing gear, you see a quick shot of him falling and the plane lifting away without him with the landing gear already up.

In the scene where Matrix is holding Sully over the cliff, you can see the cable holding him up.

In a scene towards the end, you can see the two bad guys flip into the air, and see the air ramps they fly off off.

When Matrix is driving the red car and trying to run Sully's yellow car off the road, watch the front bumper of the red car. At some points it is hanging off the car, and at others is it attached onto the car.

When he invades the compound one would think that he would keep in mind that he's there to save his daughter but he goes around blowing stuff up..His daughter could be in one of those buildings, plus if he was running around shooting people obviously Bennett & El Presidente would have immediately killed his daughter before he would be able to save her, he had no knowledge where she was and he didn't know she conveniently escaped.

At the end, where Matrix kills Bennett by throwing a pipe through him (OK sure, but let's just pretend). The pipe goes through Bennett, and into a steam pipe behind him. Then steam pours out of the Pipe that Matrix threw. Now what happened to all of the flesh, bone, skin, and blood that was inside of the pipe?

Rae fires a rocket at the police van, first she fires it back to front then the second time she fires it correctly only this time she is knocked back by the recoil, why wasn't she affected the first time and pushed forward?  Also there should be no recoil with a rocket launch.

During the shooting scene by the mansion, that poor soldier gets killed from different angles, again and again and AGAIN....

When Matrix drives the car head on into the telephone pole, he gets out of the car with NO injuries. It looks like he was driving at least 40 miles per hour. They weren't wearing seatbelts either, so both of them should have flown through the windscreen.

When Matrix tells Cook (Bill Duke) that "I eat Green Berets for breakfast" you never see his lips move when he says "But right now I'm very hungry!"

While on the compound, there is a scene where some army guys are driving at Matrix in a jeep. They drive past some random army supplies and are about to surprise Matrix when he turns around and nails them with his rocket launcher. Or he sort of nails them. Actually, the army supplies that they had just passed have suddenly relocated and are crashed into by their jeep. Rewind and play repeatedly for full humour effect.

Towards the end Arnold is firing a gun, and the length of the ammo belt changes. They show the ammo almost gone and then after an edit it's dragging on the ground.

When Matrix first rips out the seat of Cindy's car and sits in its spot, his body sits very low to the the bottom of the car. You can even see in the next scene that his head is clearly lower than Cindy's. However, during the chase scene, his head is level with Cindy's.

When Matrix is rowing the raft towards the shores, if you look behind him, he is clearly rowing the raft towards open sea, with no island in sight.

When Matrix hits the button to blow up the village, you can clearly see that there are only cardboard stand-ups of men next to the buildings blowing up. Also, for some reason the top of the watch-tower blows up when Matrix never put a bomb there.

When Arnie hits the telegraph pole with the red sports car, you can see Rae's "dummy" head go flying off over the windshield

During the fight scene with Matrix and Cook at the Motel, the stunt double for Cook (the bald black guy) looks nothing like him and can be clearly seen during many parts.

When Matrix and the girl are driving out of the parking lot you can see the camara crew in the reflection of the car.

Just before the guard in his tower gets killed and falls out, you can see the wooden sides have been precut. When he supposedly falls through the wood it parts along the cut line but remains hanging on string.

When Matrix rips out the seat out the the woman's car, he didn't release a latch or anything, so wouldn't there be twisted metal where the seat was? But Matrix just jumps right in.

After Matrix gets busted at the gun shop, you see Cindy just drive out of the parking lot without any police asking who she is or what she was doing there. What's funny about it is that you can even tell the police are still there by the flashing lights which are hitting the front of the store. Why would the police let a car pull out of the back of a parking lot of a store that was just broken into without wanting to know who that was? If they were good cops they would have seen her car anyway once they got to the store.

At the beginning of the movie when Matrix is driving his truck down the mountains after the bad-guys, there are two mistakes. The first is that just before Matrix's truck crashes, the two cars he's chasing (the car and the van) are very close to one another, and Matrix drives right between the two cars without hitting either of them. This is because after you see the shot of the two vehicles close to one another, the next shot you see the van that was following the car is way behind and totally misses Matrix's truck. The next mistake is just before Matrix's truck falls off the little cliff, you see many trees in front of him (where the cliff was supposed to be), however, once the truck actually falls off, the cliff is there with no trees around it.

After Matrix throws the police officer into the bunch of officers at the mall, he runs at Sully, and you see the guards are beginning to get back up on their feet, but then you see them again a few seconds later, and they are back on the floor again!

The police are marching Matrix out of the gun shop, they didn't even put hand-cuffs on him! I think I would put hand-cuffs on a guy who just smashed open a gun shop and was stealing all the guns he could get into his hands.

At one point when Matrix is having that huge battle on the island (ya know, him versus a hundred soldiers), he gets behind some bushes for cover. While there, you see the bush RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM getting hit by gunfire, but for some reason, the bullets never hit Matrix. I guess plants stop bullets.

When Matrix and Cindy are about to take of in the pontoon plane it is dark. Then as the plane takes off it is dusk with a little sun left, yet at the same time the view from the cockpit shows it is unbelievably dark.

During the ridiculously overdrawn action sequence at the end, Arnie has a belt-fed machine gun which becomes lefty and righty through certain shots. Since Arnie isn't lefty, and it's unlikely that the army would just have a lefty belt-fed gun lying around, it's safe to say that the picture was reversed.

At the mall when Sully first sees Matrix, he grabs at Cindy's handbag wanting a quarter. It's amazing that Cindy first would have a quarter just laying around in there, but it's also amazing how quick he finds it without looking! What if he got to the phone and it was a nickel? He never even looks at it!

When they get to the motel, Arnie tells her to start searching, only he doesn't actually say what for, and she doesn't ask.

During the car chase there is a silver Renault 5 which is behind the Porsche and in front of Arnie, two or three times Arnie overtakes it, yet in the following shot he is right behind it again.

Arnold blows up many buildings using what appear to be Claymore mines.  Claymore mines are deadly anti-personnel mines that shoot out hundred of little steel balls.   While the mines may account for the number of soldiers he kills, they certainly could not cause the massive explosions seen.

When Matrix and Cindy are getting onto the amphibious plane, you see them with several bags...but not the rocket launcher.  Yet it is on the plane when they arrive at the island.

The point about Arnie using claymore mines to blow up the buildings was a very valid one, but even if he was using high explosives the bombs he placed were clearly outside the buildings, but the massive explosions are even more clearly coming from inside the buildings!

Nick Tortelli's house on the compound is remarkably similar to Victor Maitland's estate in Beverly Hills Cop. Perhaps Arnie had seen BHC and that's how he knew the layout so well.

After Arnold drops Sully of the cliff, he goes back to the the woman's car where she asks what he did with Sully, but she was never told his name.

When Matrix is in the gun shop, you see him take the missile launcher off the wall, but then in another scene, it is back on the wall again. Also, watch how easily Cindy runs with the missile launcher to the shopping cart. I guess those things don't have any weight to them.

Rae Dawn Chong sees a receipt for some aircraft fuel and comments that its "type 4" the kind used for amphibian aircraft. Well I've not heard of "type 4" and surely fuel used is differentiated by the type of engine not by the type of aircraft, JP4 is kerosene for jet engines and avgas for piston engines. (The plane they take has piston engines).

In the parking lot when Arnie takes the seat out of Cindy's car and drives off you can see the cameraman's reflection on the side of the car.

After Matrix kills Sully he tips the yellow Porsche back on its wheels and we see the hood ornament is gone. As he and Cindy drive away it's magically reappeared. Then as they go through the city it's gone again.

When he is attacking the house near the end, a stuntman falls off the roof, unfortunately you can see a hint of blue crash mat as he lands.

I think it's funny how Bennett can get zapped by massively high voltage at the end of the movie and still come back punching.

A general point which might apply to many films like this; why does Arnie round up so many different guns with incompatible ammo, why not just get one decent weapon and carry lots of ammo for it.  Mind you the guys on the island have to face the same logistical nightmare with AK47s plus 9mm, 7.62mm and 5.56mm weapons all in evidence.

The scene with the shack has many mistakes, but only if you play it in slow-mo. First, he throws the circular saw at the guy in the window, the saw is moving on wires and he has a hairpiece someone just pulls off with a wire. The next guy he stabs with a pitchfork, and Arnie just lightly stabs him and the guy falls forward holding onto the pitchfork to make it look as though he was stabbed. Arnie then throws a saw at a guy hitting him in the chest. The guy actually just catches the saw in his arms in a way to make you think he got hit. Then Arnie swings some sort of gardening tool into the genitles of a man, but he actually stops it before it hits the guy and the thug just holds onto the handle. Finally, Arnie hacks off the forearm of a another man. You can tell that his arm was fake from the elbow on.

When Matrix and Cindy are getting into the plane, the guys on the docks are shooting at the plane. You see several bullets make holes on the right side of the door. Later when you see the plane, the holes are gone.

Halfway through the movie, Matrix is checking out the house where they keep his daughter. We then see a shot that shows what he is seeing through his binoculars, as he looks from the left to the right. Strangely, the landscape seems to move in the same direction as he is moving the binoculars, whereas normally the landscape would be moving in the opposite direction.

Why can Matrix not break the chains that were holding him down at the beginning, but can easily break the lock and chain when he breaks into the warehouse?

Arnie drops from a plane travelling well over 100mph, falls about 100 feet, and just because he lands in a marsh, doesn't mean he'd be uninjured...

When Matrix shoots the man in his daughter's room with the M16, the sound, and reaction of the man is more like a shotgun.

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