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The Terminator (1984)

Directed by James Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Lance Henriksen

In the Tech Noir Bar, the same woman - blonde with a pink or orange dress - must have come dancing with her twin, because while she's sitting behind Sarah Connor when the laser beam is pointed at her, she's also dancing near Arnie. The T-800 moves past her when he sees Sarah Connor and moves to shoot her.

After the Endoskeleton emerges from the diesel fire look at his teeth. They're clearly metallic when he stands up and chases after Sarah and Kyle, then when he enters the factory his teeth are white enamel. Then when he's fighting with Kyle they're metal again and finally they turn white after he's blown apart.

When Kyle and Sarah are making bombs with nitroglycerine, and Sarah wants to screw one end of the pipe on, he tells her to do it "very gently". But after Kyle does his confession of loving Sarah, he is throwing them into his bagpack, not too gently this time.

When the tanker explodes near the end, Arnie gets out the left hand side of the truck cab, he then falls and burns. When he resurfaces he's on the right hand side and covered by metal. He can't move that fast with a damaged left leg.

In the scene where Arnold is turning off the power in the police station he gets shot by a cop and jerks forward. But every other time he is shot he does not even twitch.

In the scene where Kyle is fighting the future battle and he jumps into the armored car, the "plasma weapon" on the back of the car is a US Army M2 .50 caliber machine gun. It's a great weapon that's been in use since 1940 and still does good work, but how would you modify it to shoot plasma bolts? And why not build an all-new plasma weapon? Military budgets must have really been cut back in the future.

At the end of the film just before the tanker truck explodes you can clearly see the tow rope pulling the tanker forward.

When the Terminator breaks into the police station, he has an auto-shotgun in his left hand, and a machine gun in his right. Before he kills the power in the building, he comes to the end of a hall, points his shotgun through a doorway, and shoots. A machine gun sound is used for the blast, instead of a shotgun sound.

After the car chase in which Kyle and Sarah are being chased by Arnold, Arnold's stolen cop car crashes into the parking lot wall. When the trailing police haul Sarah and Kyle away, Arnold is missing from the car he's just crashed. Kyle has clearly stated that the Terminator will absolutely not stop until Sarah is dead. Why would he flee the scene from a few cops - given his resilience - when he could have kept after Sarah and killed her right there? Was he "afraid" of doing it in front of the police? Was he concerned about getting away?

How can John Conner be born if he has to send the soldier back to protect Sarah, when the soldier then becomes John Connor's father. Its a paradox, an endless loop that can't get started. What came first the chicken or the egg?

When The Terminator's stolen police car is shown up close in the parking structure, the motto on the left side of it reads "to care and to protect." After the car crashes, you can see the motto on the left side again, but this time it reads "Dedicated to serve."

When the terminator is approaching the tanker's cab, he is limping (why?) on his right leg. But when he loses his skin, he limps on his left leg.

In the scene where Kyle steals the police officer's gun and asks him what the date is, the officer replies "12th, May, Thursday". The picture is set in 1984. May 12th, 1984 was a Saturday.

When the terminator says "I'll be back" he walks out of the police station. The cop inside the building looks out the window, looks very surprised, and you can see the headlights from the car shining on the cop's face. But when the car comes crashing through the building the headlights aren't on.

Arnold looks up Sarah Connor's address in the telephone book. The telephone book address has 4 digits, but he goes to a house that has 5 digits on it.

In the scene where Sarah and Kyle have run into the factory, the Terminator is breaking through the armour plated door. As the Terminator comes through you can clearly see the two operator guys crouching behind the model.

In the scene where the Terminator enters the police department and he bends over to say "I'll be back" you can see through his shades and he has both of his eyes, despite cutting one out in an earlier scene.

Also just above the tail is a small cable used to move it.

In the scene where Arnie is blasting everyone in the office of the police station, if you look at the shirt under his jacket, it changes from blue to black as he swings around

When the Endoskeleton is blown up by a pipe bomb in the factory, if you play the scene in slow motion, you can clearly see the chest plate going in one directon and the head going in another direction. Yet, in the next shot, the entire uper torso of the Endoskeleton is intact and chasing after Sarah.

When Arnie drives through the police station, the cop is just sitting there. Not only that, his skin is a lot paler. It is so easy to see that it is a dummy.

During the 1st few minutes of the film, the future shows a Flying HK travelling through the air, look closely at it and you can see it "clip" through a large piece of foreground.

Right after Kyle saws off the barrel of the shotgun in the alley, he pumps a shell into it, then again after his dream of the future in the car, then a 3rd time in the night club before he shoots the terminator. The 2nd and 3rd time he pumps it, shells should come out. They don't.

Kyle loads a shell into his shotgun then falls asleep and dreams of his past in the future. When he wakes up he pumps the shotgun, so the first shell should come out, but doesn't.

Sarah unnecessarily puts change into a payphone before dialling 911, typically a free call.

The telephone message left by Sarah's roommate changes the two times we hear it. The second time, there is no delay between "Hi there" and "ha ha ha fooled you", while the first time has a delay of over a second.

In the scene where the "naked" T-101  rises from the ashes of the tanker truck, you can see a stagehand in the background reach up and pull down a hydraulic lever that makes the robot stand up.

When Arnie says "I'll be back" and leaves the police station he throws both the doors open as he leaves one of them falls back into place but the other one stays open, but when he drives his car through the window both doors are closed.

Early on in the film Kyle cuts the wooden handle of the shotgun with a saw, but then later on when they are in the car park hiding from the cops you can clearly see that the handle is back to its original size.

Just after the Terminator breaks into the police station, he is firing his gun, when he fires it repeatedly he makes a policeman jump who is lying dead on the floor, look closely.

After Kyle saves Sara from the dance club and has her in the car she tries to get out. Kyle stops her by grabbing her.  In one scene he's holding her by the back of her hair, and when it cuts back to him his hand is across her chest. It goes back and forth like that.

The Terminator runs his finger down the phone book to look up the Sarah Connors. Why would a cyber with enhanced vision need to do this?

In all of the scenes leading up to when the Terminator crashes the police car into the wall, his hair is straight and parted on one side. After this crash in the remaining scenes, his hair is shorter and spiked. When did he have time to get a haircut, and why did he care about his physical appearance?

The Terminator loses the flesh around his left eye early on, but at mom's cabin you can see his backlit left eyelash blinking.

The terminator cuts open its arm to repair the finger cables. But when it is reduced to a skeleton, there are no cables. [There aren't cables - just sliding poles]

In the second "future flash back" scene where Kyle battles the huge ground HK tank he tries to disable it by throwing a grenade at it. We see the grenade go under the HK's right wheel tread yet strangely in the next shot the left wheel tread explodes before the right one does.

When Arnie gets shot in the club after he gets up again there's no bullet holes in his chest or blood on his shirt.

When Kyle escapes the department store he is not wearing a shirt, but in the next scene when he is following Sarah he is wearing a grey shirt and continues to wear it throughout the movie.

When Kyle makes the pipe bombs, after the first one is made he says, "Just 6 more like that and I'll get started on the fuses." In the scene where they are getting chased by the terminator in the tunnel, he threw 6 out the window at the motorcycle. The 7th was put on the back of the semi. A mysterious 8th pipe bomb pops out in the factory when he puts it in the T-800 to blow it apart.

When Arnie is in the gun store he asks for a Plasma Rifile in the 40 watt range. Surely this must be an error in the Terminator's computer files. So with all the technological advancements and they still can't make an operating system that works properly...Damn Windows 2029!

The Terminator has state of the art visual tracking. This is obvious for many reasons including when we get glimpses of how it sees things by heat analysis or infrared. Most notibly it even has a little cross-hairs targeting system. Why then does he need to get a gun with a laser sight?

Arnold looks on the left page of the phone book to find Sarah Connor's name but when Sarah herself looks for her name she finds it on the right page.

Given that the terminator series has a titanium casing, it also would have some serious electrical parts in order for it to master speech, as well as just for general operation. So, while the casing may survive the blast from the gasoline truck, the casing would conduct the heat and melt the motherboard, all the wires, and the little internal pieces. The important processing parts would be slag or at least overloaded, leaving the terminator useless. [Well, plastics technology might have advanced as well, but still...]

When Kyle first arrives in 1984 in the alley, the police immidiately show up. Who called the police and why? To report a naked guy in a dark alley? And how did the cops get there so fast?

Why would Skynet send back a cyborg from the future with such a pronounced Austrian accent? I thought these machines were made for the US Army, not the Austrian?

The only way John Connor could have gone back in time to prevent his mother's death would be to go back in time before the terminator did, because as soon as the terminator goes back in time, John Connor should instantly disappear, because the past would have been altered decades earlier thus instantly changing the present. It shouldn't take as long for the present to change as it does for the terminator to accomplish his task. So what if it took 2 weeks for the terminator to kill Sarah - that was decades earlier. Therefore, unless John Connor went back in time first, he should have disappeared instantly and never had the chance to go back in time to prevent his mother's death.


When the Terminator is chasing Kyle and Sarah through the alley after the club shooting, you get his view of the chase. If you pause the movie during this scene when the screen is red and there is information being displayed to the Terminator, you'll see that it in fact "Apple Computer" programming language.


This applies to both films - If only things surrounded by organic tissue can make it through the time machine, why not put some nifty weapons in wads of cheese! That why you'll be prepared. Of course, this only makes me wonder if the computers did that with the T-1000 in the next film. How else did a liquid metal item make its way through the time portal? [He says "living" tissue, not organic. Of course, that still means if they were desperate enough they could presumably cut open some sort of animal and send it through with a gun inside it before it dies, but that's a bit grim].

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