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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Directed by James Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Xander Berkeley

During the bar scene, when Arnold is stabbed in the chest. If you pause the movie just after the rubber knife, you can clearly see that he gets stabbed right exactly above his right nipple. Later on when he goes in the kitchen to get the biker's keys, the cut with blood dripping appears on his ribcage far below the nipple.

After Arnie explains his mission to John (he reloads his shotgun as they sit by the parked bike and explains) they ride at night down a long road. Look in the backround. You'll see them pass a good 30 school buses. Maybe Los Angeles has random rows of school buses at the sides of the roads, but I found it out of place.

There is a camera attached on the right front side of the truck when Arnold and the boy are chased by the T-1000. Just watch in slow-mo when the truck hits a car on the street. The next scene shows the truck in front and you see a camera which filmed the car crash.

When the T-1000 is chasing Sarah, John & Arnie in the nitrogen truck, Arnie leans out to shoot him and for a split second you can see a blue car in front of the truck; in the next shot, it's not there anymore.

In the scene where our three heroes leave the asylum in the police car, the T-1000 latches on to the back and is soon shot off of it by Arnie. The T-1000 then rolls off and is seen rolling toward the car on the ground. When he falls off, he does it in a way that would make him roll away from the car or roll in a tumbling fashion, instead of evenly towards the car.

The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone.

In the scene where John is on his bike and is being chased by T-1000 in the semi, if you listen very closely that bike has over 15 gears.

If you watch carefully when the T-1000 has driven off the bridge in the truck, you can see the suspension and steering gear collapse and shift (severely) to the driver's left. A moment later, the alignment is perfect.

When Arnie is trying to save John from the T-1000 in the truck, he makes the jump. If you look at his face and hair while he's airborne, you can clearly see it's a stunt double.

When the T-1000 is driving the truck, he drives off a bridge and the windshield pops off, but in the next scene the windshield is back.

When Sarah, Arnie and John escape from the hospital, Sarah orders the policeman to leave his car, and shoots the windscreen. Later on, during the night, the windscreen has miraculously reverted to normal, with no trace of the gunshot mark.

When Arnie's arm is caught in the wheel and he rips his own arm off and stands up, if you look closely (slow mo can help) you can see his real arm stretched behind his back under his leather jacket.

The scene where John and his buddy hack into the ATM machine and get cash, John is telling his friend his mother is a psycho. Watch closely as John puts on his backpack twice.

Following the T-1000's truck hitting the bridge and blowing up, the man behind young J. Connor on the moped is a stunt double which, embarrassingly, looks nothing like Schwarzenegger.

When Arnold is riding the Harley chasing Young John Conner, John is down in the reservoir and Arnold is up on the ledge, as he approaches the end of the wall, through Arnold's point of view on the bike you see the wall end, it clearly extends to a point, on the very next scene as he makes the jump the point has all of a sudden gone from a point to a squared off edge. Obviously the jump would have been a disaster if the edge was pointed.

In the scene where Sarah Connor shoots Dyson in his house, it pans back and forth from him to her.  In each shot of Dyson in his living room, the magazines on the coffee table are scattered, then stacked, then scattered again.

The computer that the T-1000 reads in the police car (at the beginning) reads that John is 10 years old and was born on February of 1985. Which means that the movie would have to take place in 1995 ( 2 years before Judgement Day). Yet, Arnold claims in the car, (while driving towards Mexico) that Judgement Day would happen in 3 years, just after the Skynet funding bill is passed by congress.

In the bar fight scene Arnold gets stabbed by one of the bikers - if you put it in slow motion you see the rubber knife bend in a few frames.

When the T-1000 drives his bike throught the glass of the Cyberdyne Systems building to get onto the helicopter, the windshield falls off. When you see it drop to the ground, it's still attached to the bike.

After The Terminator exists the bar in the beginning, and takes the gun from the 'bar owner' he takes his arm down from the barrel. Next scene his arm it is back in the original position on the barrel.

After the T-1000 steals the truck and throws the driver out there is a big action sequence where the truck hits a lot of cars. In one scene the truck hits 2 cars which, if paused, shows that those cars were both parked across the main road front bumper to front bumper blocking the main road in the process, making it impossible for the truck to miss them.

In the scene where Sarah has just shot Dyson and she is crying against the wall, John comes up to her and starts hugging her. Every time the scene changes back to the hugging, look at John's watch. The time changes every time.

In the scene where Arnie and John are at the pay phone and John takes the gun away from Arnie, when Arnie has the gun it is cocked, and when John takes it, it isn't. It goes back and forth a few times like that, scene to scene.

At the end of the film when the T-1000 is trying to get Sarah to call to John, Arnie hits him from behind with the big metal pole. At this point the T-1000 turns around and gives Arnie a kick. The camera turns back to the T-800 and he clearly loses his grip of the pole and it flies off screen. Back to the T-1000 and he still has the pole stuck in him, pulls it out and beats Arnie with it.

When the T-1000 controlled helicopter bears down on the SWAT truck, Sarah tries to gun it down. The T-1000 shoots back, and while Sarah hides, 3 splatter marks appear on the door, marking where the bullets have hit the door. However, in the next few scenes, the splatter marks are replaced by normal-sized bullet marks.

When Sarah and John drive the pickup into the steel mill, they end up crashing into a wall at 25 to 35 miles per hour. Neither is wearing seat belts. Yet they are not launched through the windshield and do not get injured at all.

When the T-800 arrives between the tractor-trailers, you can see a bumper sticker (i.e. "Vehicle makes wide turns") on the back of the trailer when the sparking begins. When Arnie arrives in the bubble it "melts" out the back corner of the trailer, and the sticker is no longer there.

When Arnie and John arrive at the hospital, Arnie shoots the guard in both knees, then proceeds to take two clips, and hand them to John.  Later, when they have rescued Sarah, and are driving throught the parking garage, Sarah uses the clip currently in the pistol, and John gives her one of the TWO clips, she empties that one, and he gives her another. But she has John reload yet again with a miraculous third clip.

When the 1000 robot follows them in the helicopter, we can clearly see that he has 3 arms when he is loading his gun with 2 arms and steering with the third. OK, it might be able to generate arms at will, but worth a look...

Arnold wrenches his own arm off to get out of the gears and save the Conners. Yet he later melts himself so his parts can't be used as a design to build Skynet, the villain behind all this. Remember that it was designed the first time around by the arm and chip of the T-800 from the first movie. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS ARM? They throw the original arm and chip in after Arnold, but they never go back to get the arm in the gears. I think the answer to this is that they wanted to leave an explanation for T3, if they want to.

Towards the beginning of the movie when Dr. Silberman introduces the team of shrinks to Sarah, she asks him how his knee is. He tells the team that she stabbed him in the knee a few weeks ago. Later in the movie, she says that her behavior has been good for six months, therefore deserving a transfer to minimum security wing, where she can see her son. How can that be if she stabbed the doctor only a few weeks before?

In the scene where John, Sarah, and The Terminator are in the Cyberdyne building. They have just come down in the lift into the lobby where the SWAT team are waiting and firing gas cylinders. Arnie says his "I'll Be Back" and walks out of the lift. The SWAT team issue various instructions, then say "Ok - drop him!". Now - look carefully. The second they start to fire, look at the SWAT member who is furthest to the left and standing up. If you look right by his shoulder as soon as they start firing, what looks like a crew member walks into the scene, with his hands in his pockets!

In the scene where Arnie is stood at the broken window of the Cyberdyne building, just after he has shot the police cars with the Gatling gun, he uses a grenade launcher to fire a grenade through the side window of a police car below. Look carefully and you will see a rectangular package, presumably a small charge fitted by the special effects team, on this side window exactly where the window smashes to simulate the grenade smashing the glass a split second before exploding inside the car.

In one scene, the police shows Sarah a picture  of Arnie taken from a surveillance camera at a police station in 1984. But in that picture, Arnie has the same haircut as in the rest of the film. In the first Terminator film, Arnie has longer hair and a different haircut.

When John Connor and Arnie are at the payphone calling his step mom, Arnie punches the phone and puts a massive dent in it and change comes out. If you look at the bottom of the phone before he punches it there is already a dent there. [Pan & Scan version only].

Edward Furlong was obviously not 10 years old when the movie was made, but he really doesn't make a convincing 10 year old John Connor either (the thing in the police car says he is 10).  He doesn't look or sound pre-pubescent at all.

During the scene where the T-1000 is in a truck chasing John Connor on a motorcycle, take a good look at the actual shot of it driving off of the bridge. The street sign is correct, but everything else is backwards! This is because they shot it backwards and flipped the shot during post production. Since the sign was so obvious, it was digitally reversed. However, a good look at the truck's name on the grill will show the shot is backwards.

How come in one of the final scenes the T-1000 at first needs Sarah to call for Johnny when just a few minutes later he can easily transform into Sarah's shape and call for Johnny himself? He's already sampled her from when he scratched her in the lift earlier.

When Arnie saves John on his bike in the alleyway and the truck explodes in a ball of flames, Arnie takes his shotgun out and cocks it to aim at an approaching object. After realising it is a flaming tyre, he leaves. However, after stopping to relate his mission to John, Arnie ejects the fully loaded cartridge and reloads again.

When Arnold is in the elevator and the T-1000 opens the elevator door with the funny hand things, Arnold shoots the T-1000 in the head - if you put it in slow motion you can clearly see that the T-1000's head is already split down the middle!

In the beginning of the film, when the biker is thrown onto the stove you can clearly see the valves where the steam is coming from - it's NOT from his hands.

When the truck with liquid nitrogen hits the metallurgical plant's gate and Arnie falls down, at one point you can see the two wires on his shoulders that keep him in the air.

When the T-1000 is chasing John while in the truck, he crashes into several cars at intersections.  These cars clearly have no one driving them.

There is no place or process in a steel mill where you have a big open pool of liquid steel.

When Arnold first shows up and is walking towards the bar scanning vehicles and such, he scans a early 80's Ford LTD sedan but it shows up on his inner viewer as a "Plymouth Sedan".

When the tow truck finally crashes and the battery lead ignites the fuel, this would not happen as surely the truck is diesel powered, and diesel does not ignite in that way.

When the T-1000 is chasing John in the transport truck cab, the sparks always appear before the truck actually hits the walls.

Linda Hamilton breaks her doctor's arm while informing him that "there are 215 bones in the human body. That's one." But there are 206 bones in the human body.

Throughout the movie, the T1000 takes the form of the same individual when he is hunting down Sarah, John and Arnie. If he can assume the form of anyone with whom he comes into contact, why doesn't he? Wouldn't it be more stealthy if he approached them as someone different every time? They were constantly on the lookout for him because they knew what he looked like. It would just make sense for him to change his appearance regularly.

When the T-1000 is entering Dyson's house, he hears on the police radio that Sarah Connor is at "2111 Kramer." Later, just as the police show up at Cyberdyne's offices, the voice over the radio gives the address as "2144 Kramer."

John Connors bike is an XR-100, it is a 4 stroke engine. In the movie they dub in the sound of a 2 stroke. It is a quiet little engine so that is why they probably dubbed in the sound.

When Arnie's character is in the hospital rescuing Sarah from the staff members who are trying to sedate her, Arnie throws one of the staffers through the glass panel of a door towards the camera. You can see the spring-pad they use to boost the actor through the window at the bottom of the frame.

Towards the end of the movie when the T-1000 is in the tanker truck chasing John, Arnie, and Sarah, Arnie fires his grenade launcher and all the bullet does is dent the grill work on the tanker truck.

During the chase scene after the T-1000 commandeers the tow truck, the shadows are inconsistent from shot to shot.  Understandable, as each shot was made at different times during the day, but still noticeable.

In the beginning when Dyson is heading for the vault with the first terminator's chip and arm, he walks through a door and holds it open for the cameraman following him. It kind of looks like he's holding it open for the audience...

When the T1000 is chasing John, Sarah and the T800 out of the hospital, the license plate on the cop car changes several times.  Additionally, in the last scene, where the car is driving fast in reverse, the stunt drivers head is clearly visible sticking up from inside the truck driving the car from the back.

As Arnie and the rest are escaping from Cyberdyne Systems in the Police van, the helicopter explodes about five feet before it hits the van.

After the John Connor holds up the Terminator's jacket to the light in the shed in Mexico and it's full of holes you see the back of it when they leave (to chase Sarah) and there are no holes!

In the scene where Arnie gets stabbed with the knife in the bar, it is easily seen that the knife goes in around his chest area, near his nipple. Yet when you next see him, there is not a mark up there, but there is blood coming from his lower abdomen.

In the scene where T-1000 is chasing the car which Sarah, John and the T-800 is in, the T-1000 jumps on the car and smashes the window with his crowbar like hands. The window is smashed and the rubber is split, when the camera pans back to the window the rubber is fully intact and not broken.

After the T1000 performs the bike jump to the helicopter he tells the pilot to get out. Watch as he jumps out, the door shuts properly, it then cuts back inside where the T1000 proceeds to close the door for a second time.

Early in the movie Arnie has a cigar burned into his chest by the bikers. A second later it's not there.

At the beginning, John's foster mom gets the paper and it is lying right in the sprinkler's path.  She drops it on the table, it's bone dry.

Early in the movie after the chase, between Arnie and John (riding a bike) and T-1000 (in the truck), Arnold shots in the truck and it explodes. Arnold then aims his Winchester, waiting for T-1000, but he does not come out of the fire and Arnold puts the gun down without look. The Winchester passes so closely from John's head that you can see his hair swing. In another take, he actually got hit by Arnie - he's said so in interviews.

In the explosion at the Cyberdyne building, the third shot of the explosion you see a white car, and some other cars that aren't police cars. In the next shot of the explosion, you don't see the cars.

When the T-1000 robot has stolen a police-motorbike, you can clearly see this is a highway-bike, but when he's climbing the staircase in the Skynet-building it is a cross-motorbike.

In the scene where Arnie and John Connor are underneath the pickup truck, doing some repairs, just before the terminator asks "Why do you cry?", Arnie is tightening something with a wrench and lets out a very audible grunt. My impression was that a killer robot like him wouldn't have problems with strain.

When Sarah is watching the old interview of herself on the TV, you can see her reflection on the screen, but you can also see the reflection of crew members and cameras as well.

In the beginning of the movie, where Arnold is walking towards the bar, you can clearly see the steady cam in the window of the door.

In the scene when the nitrogen truck with T-1000 overturns, we can see 2 wires pulling the truck. If those wires didn't exist, the truck would never slide the way it does.

When the tanker truck (liquid nitrogen) is sliding along the ground the sparks can be seen not to be coming from directly under the tanker but ejecting from small canisters slightly higher up the vehicle.

After the Terminator uses John Connor's switchblade to remove the skin on his forearm, the wires controlling the Terminator's prosthetic arm are visible underneath his shirt.

In the scene where John is being chased by the T-1000 on his bike, there is one shot just before the truck blows up where you can see John going under the bridge. At first, you can't see anything along the left side of the resevoir just past the bridge, but when the Truck blows up a few moments later, a shopping cart magically appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

In the scene where John Connor and the Terminator are at the phone booth, and are confronted by the two men after they hear John screaming, there is a car seen behind the two men as they walk towards John and the terminator. After the terminator fights the two and they run off, they run in the same direction as they came from, but the car is missing.

Throughout the whole scene near the end of the film when the truck full of liquid nitrogen is sliding on its side, you can obviously see the tracks on the floor inside the factory that the camera rolls on.

When Sarah is escaping from the hospital there is a scene where the T-1000 walks straight through a metal-barred door. If you look where the doctor is standing you will notice that the T-1000 clearly walks past him after he walks through the door. However, in the next sequence when the T-1000 is shooting his gun, he is way behind him.

It is made clear in both movies that dogs react badly to Terminator robots; barking, snarling, etc. But when Sarah, John, and the T-800 go to get weapons from the Mexican guy, several small dogs are shown and they don't react to the Terminator at all. [It's been argued that the dogs of the future would have been trained to detect the terminators, and dogs in 1991 wouldn't know the difference. However, the little dog in the first film barks and snarls at the Bad Arnie; it could be that dogs can detect terminators by nature but can tell the difference between good and bad ones.]

When the T-1000 is chasing John Connor in the semi-truck, Schwarzenegger emerges and rescues John from the chase. Then, he shoots out the front tires of the semi, causing the T-1000 to lose control and crash the truck. Watch closely as the truck hits the bridge. The T-1000 is not in the driver's seat. Instead, he is replaced with a cheap crash dummy!

When Sarah Connor exchanges fire with the T-1000 during the chase scene, the pattern of bullet holes in the back of the SWAT van are inconsistent from shot to shot.

When John is telling Arnold the message that he gave to his mother in the first film, the message he recites is completely different than the one actually used in the first film. The message in the first film never contains anything that says "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves", it ends with "I don't know what to say except that you must be stronger than you've ever been or I will never be" (The wording isn't exact but you get the drift).

The multiple bullet holes in Arnold's back take days to heal...they even change the bandages and clean the wounds. Yet after slicing off his arm/hand skin to show his metal hand to the scientist (towards the end of the movie), he appears only an hour or two later to enter Cyberdine Labs with rolled up sleeves and no scars on the flesh that he removed and put back on...

Why did John, Arnie, Dyson and Sarah put the bound-up security guard in the men's bathroom at Cyberdine instead of the women's bathroom? Wouldn't that be the first place that an employee would look when thay saw that the front desk security officer is gone?

When the bartender follows Arnie out and fires his shotgun in the air, the robot Arnie blinks as the noise makes him jump. Some tough robot eh?

Dyson's assistant seems to run into the garbage can before tripping over it. His steps are exaggerated so as to trip over the garbage.

When Arnold is running from the T-1000 and the T-1000 shoots into Arnold's back he shoots 26 bullets. That's impossible, the gun he is using is a Beretta 9 mm - even if double stacked it is impossible.

Arnie uses what I assume is a 203 grenade launcher (Actually, a 203 mounts under an M-16, I believe that the designator for what he used is the M-79). Regardless, they both use the same round, which has a safety feature built into it which doesn't allow it to explode for at least 26 meters or so. This is so you don't blow yourself up when firing the weapon. Arnie is able to blast doors at a range of like 10 feet. This wouldn't be possible.

In the scene where Sarah hits the hospital guy with half a broom, you can see it bend like rubber in slo-mo.

In the scene where the T 1000 and  the T 800 are fighting in the mall corridor, I find it very hard to believe that not one security guard in the whole mall didn't hear the gunshots, especially since the T 1000 throws the T 800 through a wall and are in a shop right next to them.

When the security guard buys the cup of coffee, he says to the asylum nurse "Hey I have a full house" Look under his coffee cup, it is a 2. He would not have a full house with a two unless deuces were wild, and probably weren't in the old coffee cup game.

Arnold arrives at present time in an electric disturbance and causes everything around him to melt. The floor is red hot, yet he does not get blisters or feels pain (he is a living tissue over a metal endoskeleton). At least some smoke of the burning skin should be noticed.

At the beginning of the movie they show Sarah in her cell at the mental institution.   She has pushed her bed against the wall so she can do pull-ups.  In this scene her armpits are beautifully shaved. There is no way mental healthcare workers would let a woman that dangerous anywhere near a razor.

When Linda Hamilton breaks the doctors arm, he says it ways his arm but it looked like his hand. If it was really his arm Linda Hamilton said that it was one bone in the body but in that part of the arm there are two bones.

When Dyson enters the vault in the early Cyberdyne scene, the guard asks "How are the wife and kids?," though Dyson is later shown to have only one child. (This line was a leftover from an earlier version of the shooting script, in which Dyson had both a son and a daughter.)

When the T1000 is frozen, Arnie shoots it and it shatters. Not a bright move, we all know a large piece of ice melts slower than a smaller one.

In the scene where Dyson is shot in the cyberdyne building by the swat team, he is holding a weight over the detonator so when he dies and releases it the building will explode. Why don't the swat team just take the detonator away and stop the building from being destroyed?

How can the T-1000 replicate the security guard in the asylum? He hasn't sampled his body, he's just been stood on by his shoe! How can that give him any information about the wearer?

If the machines were developed by the technology from studying the first Terminator's chip and arm at Cyberdine systems where did the the research come from to create the first Terminator arm and chip?


At the start of the film at Cyberdyne Systems, the recruit tells Dyson that he has to sign for a test on the arm and the chip. He then walks through an area where people are wearing protective overalls. How come he doesn't need one or did they just contaminate the whole production area? [Some clean rooms don't require everyone to wear a cleansuit, because the suits are there to keep hair and skin flakes from the researchers from falling onto the project they're working on. Someone wakling through the area like Dyson and his assistant (or a custodian getting a trash can) don't pose enough of a threat to most cleanroom work like that to require suits.]

In Sara Connor's dream the nuke goes off and the buildings are exploding, the buildings structures remain but when you are that close to a nuclear blast, metals instantly vaporise. [In Sarah's dreams with the nuke, as she is not a nuclear scientist, she would not know exactly how different objects would behave so close to a nuclear blast, and as it is a dream, it does not have to obey the natural laws (physics etc.).]

At the start of the first film, the robots and the HK's all use lasers to waste the humans, but in the flash backs in the sequel, they are using bullet-firing automatic weapons. Why would the most advanced technology ever created switch to inferior weaponry? [They are actually using pulse rifles that fire short laser blasts. They just appear in some scenes like they are firing bullets because of the flames that shoot out of the guns barrels].

Listen to Sarah Conner's bare feet as she runs through the insane asylum. Her feet squeak on the floor with the sound of regular shoes. [Bare feet on a freshly waxed floor can sound like shoes].

When the T-1000 starts to fly the helicopter he is using both of his arms at one point. There is a point where if you freeze frame and look carefully between the T-1000's legs you can see another hand holding onto the control stick of the helicopter. That is a crew man hunched down at the base of the copter piloting the machine. [Possibly, but there's no good reason why the T-1000 couldn't have used a bit of mass to generate a third arm to keep control of the chopper.]

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